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How do some people know....

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  • mary124
    I know that I don't have the ability to figure out what goes with what. I usually have to look at the models and go from there. Many years ago, my youngest son use to go with me shopping (like he didn't have a choice) but he had and still does have an eye for matching things up, now that he he older he doesn't go with me so I am basically on my own till I get home and then I will model for him and husband and they tell me yes or now.
    I usually stick to dresses (not skirts as I am too thin and no matter what size they seem to feel like they are falling off of me! or pants.

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  • theclownster
    I think it's a gift for some people and comes quite natural for them. I admire those who have this gift.

    I try to accessorize with costume jewelry but I'm not always the most fashionable with the latest trends. I'm also someone who once I find something that fits and looks good, I buy it every color that looks good on me - which doesn't make for much of a variety. I'm also on a budget so I find the best deals possible.

    Have a great day!

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  • ICNDonna
    I think there are some people who look great in anything! And right now, the style seems to be "anything goes." The only thing I really don't like is the fact that I have a problem finding pants that make you wear a butt belt!


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  • bubbe1
    how do some people know

    Originally posted by kadi View Post to dress fashionably?
    I think it's just an ability that some people are born with. My daughter, and my mom, both, can take any old things put them together and look great. I can't do it no matter how hard I try.
    I use magazines and expensive stores as my models. I look at what they're showing and then try to find similar things for less money.
    Mostly, I live in loose jeans. Doesn't really matter in the end. It's what's inside that counts, I think.

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  • kadi
    started a topic How do some people know....

    How do some people know.... to dress fashionably?