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  • Pap/Pelvic exams

    I had my first ever pap/pelvic exam yesterday and it went ok. Doctors in the past tried to do it without any medications and I was just too scared and tense. I have had one gyno give me information on sex therapy and I was very uncomfortable with that. Then someone told me of a Catholic OB/GYN and that is where I went yesterday. It makes me comfortable to see Jesus on the cross in the exam room. Also there were Catholic pictures in the waiting room. It just is so peaceful. The staff are all Catholic. I hope they never close. I choose never to get married and never to have children due to anxiety, the IC, my aspergers and my LD. The gyno prescribed Valium and Percocet and within 30 min of taking them I feel the effects of it. Valium 2 mg (I took two of them) and Percocet 5 mg( I also took two of them)

    I'm glad that I took Valium and Percocet. I say within 30 min I started feeling the effects of it. But an hour after the pap/pelvic exam I got really sleepy. Those medications are strong. It was very quick and easy. Thank goodness for those medications She did the pelvic by inserting her pinky finger which probably made it less painful. Then she did the pap. She used the pedriatic speculum and inserted in left to right that way it didn't touch my bladder. She also used KY Jelly or some cold jelly. It made it easier. It felt a little weird, but not pain. The pelvic exam made me feel like I need to go bathroom. The nurse was young and she held my hand the whole time. The gyno and nurse were very friendly.

    But the gyno wants me to come back in 6 months. I thought insurances only cover annual exams once a year. I think I may need the medications whenever I get pap or pelvic. I may try to do it in the future without the medications to see how I do. The gyno also showed me the speculum she used on me and she showed me the Graves which is huge! Probably if she inserted it normally and used the graves one I would be in more pain. Do the gyno always use jelly? Do you do pap and pelvic every 6 months or once a year?
    In memory of my beloved best friend in the whole world! Timmy (West Highland White Terrier)

    God Bless,