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And now a broken tooth

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  • And now a broken tooth

    Well, one of my teeth broke in half yesterday. It's the one waaaaaaaaaaay in the back. I have a giant huge fear of dentist so I only go when I have to but I thought this won't be as bad as it was 12 years ago. Think it was 12 years ago because I had a great dentist and staff where I went to be put to sleep to have 2 teeth pulled but what a time I'm having. I don't know why medical stuff has to be so hard. I knew I needed a referral so I called my family doctor's office. Talked with two nurses there and they were laughing at me saying I don't need a referral. I said ok so I called the dentist place (and that same dentist was still there. ) and guess what? I need a referral. I didn't want to call the doctor's office back so I called around to different dentists and none will see me just to do the x-ray and referral. If I become a patient then they will but i'm not going to lie about it so I called my doctor's office back and told the girl I do need a referral. So, now I wait for the call. Was thinking last year at this time I was waiting on having the hysterctomey. Guess that is what comes with old age. Going to be very expensive and I'm not sure why they charge so much. $225 for the "sleeping medicine" for every 15 minutes. Ugh but I can't do it awake so.......I had just started my 1,200 calorie diet yesterday too. Starting to eat apples and such but now....back to mush and slim fast. jello....mush....mush....mush......

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    Re: And now a broken tooth

    I have been having a tooth problem too. I know it sucks because there seems to always be a problem with the insurance companies and we already have enough to worry about. I think you would get a referral from a general dentist first and than an oral surgeon. I just had a wisdom tooth taken out while I was completely awake without any drugs and the procedure was fast and painless. I think you should consider doing it awake it is really no big deal I didn't feel anything.
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      Re: And now a broken tooth

      I also have a big time anxiety around dentists and now use sedation dentistry whenever I have to have a crown prep, root canal or big filling. The sedation works beautifully. I take a pill at home an hour before the procedure... and then a second one at the dentist.. then sleep right through it. No complaints at all. I consider it a success if I have no memory of it... and I basically have no memory of those procedures.
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        Re: And now a broken tooth

        Jamie, I've had a tooth pulled awake and that's why I won't do it that way again. I've been to this oral surgeon years ago and had 2 back teeth pulled. My parents never really believed in dental or doctor visits unless you were going to die. That was my dad's favorite saying. If you are not dead within 10-12 days you will be fine. I just have to much fear in it all plus a fear of needles. Plus I don't want to remember any of it. I would rather have the biopsy done on my uterisis in the doctor's office again then go to a dentist.
        Jill, I've heard of that kind of dental work but I aleady take enough medicine. Plus I have a stricter which makes it hard to swallow. That too had gotten worse so it's just a lot easier to do it with the surgeon dentist.
        I don't have a general pratice dentist to refer me. None will even see me just to do the x-ray and referral. If I become a patient (which I wonn't) then they would do it. So, had to get my family doctor to do it this time. Last time my Urologist referred me but he's on vacation this week. Of all weeks to take a vacation. ha


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          Re: And now a broken tooth

          You can cut up and bake the apples, you can use some cinnamon, sugar and butter, if you can tolerate it.
          My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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            Re: And now a broken tooth

            Tooth problem always scares me, and yes they are awkwardly expensive. I have done them awake and the pain is somehow bearable


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              Re: And now a broken tooth

              The dentist terrifies me and I have crappy teeth, great combo. Make sure the dentist doesn't use Epinephrine. It is used in Novocaine. I had a lot of work done in a short period of the and the Epinephrine caused a major flare that wouldn't go. I have since had work done without it and I was fine. They do have Novocaine without the Epi it just doesn't last as long.