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Anyone playing World of Warcraft?? How about an IC Guild??

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    Hi guys,

    Me and my boyfriend have been playing Wow for over 3 years. We both have several lvl 70 characters. We have characters on both Horde and Alliance. I do think the Horde side is a little more mature but I love my Night Elf. lol We are in the Dreanor realm. Sometimes its nice to escape the real world and go into the world of wow. Our 8 year old even likes to play! But I limit the places he can go, some of its too graphic for his age. But me and my BF love to run around and quest together. Eagerly waiting for the expansion to come out.


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      I have two characters already, my highest is only lvl 20, a warrior. I know what you mean about enjoying running around and questing together! What about that is so appealing even to adults!? I thought about being horde, but last night while playing we had several come to lakeshire and several horde kept killing everyone there!! I was thinking what is their problem?? Picking on low lvl characters!?! LOL! It felt like a bully would feel to me in real life! I'm so hooked tho! I want to try a night elf next!


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        Aww... I used to play! My husband and I and a bunch of others that we know. I played both Allie and Horde but prefer the Horde. I still have my accounts but a friend is playing them. He likes level 70s but doesn't like to level. Anyway, I hope you gals have fun! Just be careful it can be very addicting.


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          My 15 year old son loves it. He has been playing it for over a year. He made me an account and I played a couple of times and it was fun..

          Have Fun!!
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            I am really really interested in getting this going. I am currently on a PvP server, Frostmane. I am willing to switch to another server that is non PvP. I currently have a 72 rogue, 70 lock, and 65 priest. I am willing to reroll a toon preferrably on the alliance side. If you are interested please let me know. Currently I am on Frostmane server....rogues name is Lilmonster. Talk to me in game if you want to get a feel for the game or would like to start a guild.

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              Hey Megan, I'm all for it! I'd love to be on a pvp server actually... as I do like to role play and can see myself playing "PrincessPeeAlot" as a human elf... maybe?? :::grins:::

              I've been playing horde mostly... and have a 71 elf hunter and a 59 death knight... along with several low level characters. My challenge is that I just get bored doing quests over again. It would be great to have some IC buds to play with!

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                I know I dont post often but I have a WOW account, but its not active atm. I have played both alliance and horde. But if you guys start an IC guild I would LOVE to be a part of that.. At least I wouldnt have to explain why I have to afk yet again....

                I dont have the very newest expansion, but I do have the one before it.

                Please let me know if you guys wanna get an IC guild started. Would be cool, although just as a personal preference, I have played on a PVP server, and its not something I got into. Doesn't mean I wouldn't, just saying...

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                  I think playing on a PvE server would be nice. I would love not to be 'ganked' when I am in the bathroom. I am not very much into pvp....I mainly spend my time questing or lately increasing my skills. I have just started playing Wrath of the Lich King after a year and half of not playing. In all the time I have played I have kept to myself. Just the fact, that I am posting online is a big deal for me. It would be great to make friends on Wow that understand the constant breaks.

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                    World of Warcraft

                    I have heard of it as my son has played it for quite a long time now, and is absolutely enjoying it so much. I think it would be great to have a guild of ICers, I am intrigued. I think I will download the free to start with and go from there. I think it is a great idea and would be a wonderful way to forget about our IC for a while in an imaginery world and be somebody else, and enjoy each others company. I know the IC network has helped me for about six years now and has certainly be a great place to get comfort and information. WOW sounds cool, Iris
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                      hey i play a 80 death knight on a pvp server spinebreaker anyone wants to play try to go to that server and send malashim a tell i would love to play with you all:woohoo: