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    For any ICers who want to play World of Warcraft..

    I have three characters...
    Lysandruiah - a human mage... level 8 (just beginning)... but she's currently roaming the planet in spirit form because, when she died, she resurrected in a strange cemetary and I have no idea where she is right now.

    I have a night elf... which I'm not playing...

    But the character that I seem to be enjoying is an undead Warlock named Lysandruix... who is at level 11.

    You should pick BLACKWATER RAIDERS as the realm you're choosing to be on. That's where I am.

    I'm usually on after dinner... say 8-10pm PST... but sometimes later. I'm currently doing quests around Brill and the Silver Forest.

    Would you like to talk with someone about your IC struggles? The ICN now offers personal coaching sessions that include myself, Julie Beyer RD on the diet and Dr. Heather Howard on Sexuality.

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    my daughter has that game and I would love to play but for some reason we are having trouble loading it on our computer, any ideas?


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      Oh this is soooooooo great!

      All of my Horde characters are on Server Duskwood. lvl 65 Tauren Hunter named Giadda, lvl 40 Blood Elf Warlock named Kiela and lvl 32 Tauren Druid named Feyla.

      All of my alliance are on Server "The Scryers" - They are all low lvls, Lisandra and Novela are my two mains.

      Feel free to ping me any time, it would be nice to have some company~!
      Diagnosed with IC at the age of 20 (2003)

      What worked:
      Pelvic floor therapy
      Elmiron 60mg for 2 years
      Cymbalta 60mg (pain and depression from IC)


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        Yay, more WoW people!

        I'm actually Alliance, a night elf druid lvl 27 named Allesmere on the Ravencrest server.

        Though I'm considering making a Tauren character sometime soon...
        Clark College Junior, wanting to go to UW for Fine Art Degree
        Major: Fine Art
        Taking a course in medical transcription, must work from home
        IC diagnosed 07/07
        PFD developed sometime during late 07
        Uterine Cyst removed 12/09
        Chronic Pelvic pain developed in 09
        Chronic Back Pain developed in 09
        Possible vulvodynia

        Medications: Elmiron, Detrol LA, BC, Prosed DS, Celexa for anxiety, depression, and pain,
        No longer taking: Atarax (No help),Amytriptalene (no effect, became suicidal), Ditropan (no effect), Probiotics (sick to stomach), Bactrim (hopefully cleared up my UTI!), avoiding Pyridium unless absolutely needed (sick to stomach), Prozac (helped anxiety, no pain relief), Pamelor (gained nearly 20 lbs in a short time, no anxiety relief), Valium, Vicodin, percocet (none of these meds even touch my pain >_<)

        Current Therapies: acupuncture, heat, Vicodin if needed, lots of laying down, gaming as a distraction, Pain Management classes started 9/22, Wanting to try TENS therapy


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          OMG I'm downloading it right now. I have got to give it a try it looks so cool!
          IC found on hydro 2/2004, total hysterectomy, rectocele and vaginal wall reconstruction 2/2004.
          I have had previous Heparin instills that worked great.
          8/2007 Pain, urgen/freq returned.
          Since then I have had weeks and weeks of instills,
          PFD diagnosed 02/2008 finally


          Fentanyl patch, Hydroxyzine, Klonopin, Tizandine, Climara patch


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            Here is a little tid bit on a marriage gone down hill because of World of Warcraft!!



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              lol my boyfriend is hooked on that game, I like to play Everquest Frontiers kinda the same but mine is on playstation....
              Dx with Carprul Tunnel 2000,endo in 2001, IBS in 2006IC in 2007,BiPolar 2008, and Panic attacks (anxiety) 2008, agoraphobia 2008.
              Meds: elmiron,Clonazepam 1mg 3x a day for anxiety


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                I'm playing Jewel Quest like a maniac, and am a member of Real Arcade!!! My husband hasn't gone anywhere yet. Then again that's not all I do all day either. I also have Dugeon Lords here, but haven't bought a graphics card yet, but when I do look out!!!! lolololololol Gosh I love games!! They help take my mind off my bladder too!!


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                  Hi I have 3 toons on the alliance side of Frostmane.

                  72 night elf rogue named Lilmonster
                  70 human lock named jezebelle
                  65 human priest named sweetsorrow.

                  i would love for other ICers to come play with me

                  symptoms since 2000, d/x in 2004 with IC
                  d/x with PFD in 2008
                  d/x with MDD and Anxiety Disorder
                  d/x with Fibromyalgia 7.27.09


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                    hey jill if you are playn ally you auta play on gorgonnash its a pvp server and i have a 65 rogue on it i also have 80 death knight and a 70 warrior on the server spinebreaker more than willing to help with lvling and dungeon runs
                    if ya go to spinebreaker malashim is mah main if ya go to gorgannash galford is mah main i have been playing since the game came out so i know all the in,s and outs


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                      AH! World of Warcraft is my IC escape! I had a 70 Blood Elf Protection Paladin back in the ole Burning Crusade days on the server Shattered Halls. Now I am playing with the love of my life again on Mannoroth. I have a 70 Blood Elf Hunter named Stormhame and he has a 72 Shaman. I also have a 62 Death Knight that I have been toying around with named Grishnakk.


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                        My first post!

                        Well I just got into these forums myself after using them as reading support for months ... and what do I find? That I'm not the only WoW junkie!!! I have 2 80's (one on Stormrage, Kieri, and one on Thunderhorn, Kaidra) and a host of lower level ones on Thunderhorn as well. Keeps me busy, keeps my mind off my IC.

                        Diagnosed February 2007
                        Have had symptoms since age 11
                        Other conditions - endometriosis, eczema, migraines, epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, PTSD, chronic joint degen., ewings sarcoma, etc.
                        Current meds - neurontin (2000 mg), zyrtec (20 mg), prelief (with questionable foods or when flaring), zoloft (200 mg), Elmiron (600 mg), AZO (up to 3x day), Enablex (15mg).

                        "EVERY day we are stronger because of the people around us who lend their strength. May I only be so blessed as to lend that strength in return when my time comes" ~my grandmother


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                          I've got a bunch of toons on scryers! Creampie, Unkraut, Basementcat, cocochanel, betseyjonson and harperlee. They range from level 8 to level 60 something. If you ever need help with a quest or anything try whispering or paging one of my toons, if I'm on I'm all yours!


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                            So dreamerz02 convinced me to reactivate my WoW account and I think it would be way cool to have an IC guild ... even if it's just one of those random things that you can turn to when you're having "one of those nights" ... or days. =)

                            I also have an alliance toon on Frostmane, which is a pvp server.

                            If we can come to a consensus on what server to play on (pvp or pve - whichever), I'll be more than happy to start the guild. =) Might just have to give me a bit to acquire the gold for the charter if we end up on a server that I have to start a new toon on.

                            Anyway, I think we should do this ... so let me know what server you prefer.


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                              How hard is it to learn WOW? I haven't played yet. I have played Dungeon Lords, and that is pretty hard. You have to remember ALOT!!!