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Wow, we've got 23 people who play WOW

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  • Wow, we've got 23 people who play WOW

    Okay... i want to get this done!!! Just tallied up all the responses to the previous posts and we have 23 people who currently have WOW accounts who would like to play.

    Here's a master list of people who responded. Please feel free to PM each other.

    hannah 13
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    I'm with you Jill, let's get it done! We need to decide if we want to join a server where someone has high level toons to help with leveling, gear, money, etc, or just start on a new server. I propose a vote for that. We also need to vote for Horde or Alliance.

    My vote is Alliance. I know all the zones and a lot of the quests, and I play everyday (ALOT!)


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      Hey Bri, I had no clue either, so I did a WOW ACCOUNT search in the IC search bar, and came up with an explanation!! LOL!

      follow the link:


      Originally posted by Briza
      Excuse my ignorance, please Someone is going to have to explain to me (in simple terms, if you don't mind lol) what is WOW.
      And does it require buying software or any other financial investment?


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        I vote for the Alliance side. I think the girl toons are WAY more cuter. I am really excited about this.

        FROSTMANE server FTW! (FTW means For The Win)

        For those that are newbies (new beginners to the game) there are plenty of experienced players that are willing to help you with the basics, so don't worry. It may seeming overwhelming, as I am just learning the new expansion, but you just take it one step at a time.

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          Mannoroth FTW! It's just nice having higher level toons to help you out. I have a maxed out jewelcrafter, almost maxed out alchemist and tailor, and through my guild access to all the others. So, choosing a server where someone has access to all is really helpful I think.

          OMG, I could talk about WOW all night long, but I have to do my daily's now!


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            Hiya, I would also be interested in joining you guys in playing WoW! Though I would vote for alliance side. I have a character on Frostmane, max level and would be more than happy in helping everyone with quests and questions that they might have about the game!


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              I did play WOW... I actually love the game.

              I met my husband through WOW in 2005, and we've now been married for 2 years.

              But we were so hard core, we had to put it aside for family and other obligations...

              My husband and I were HUGE PvP'ers on Greymane (That's where my nic comes from... my toon is a 70 frost mage). We achieved PvP ranking in the OLD system of PvP honor ranking he got Marshall and I got Commander.

              Anyway, glad to know we're not the only WoW geeks out there...

              Actually my whole family plays... My brother is an 80 Ret pally, I have another brother with a lvl 80 holy priest... hubby has a 70 hunter (forget his spec)... and then we both have our goof off toons (his priest and my warrior which are both around lvl 60). My daughter has a lvl 70 hunter, a 60 something warlock and several other toons she's started...

              I knew this was a great place when I got here and saw a heading just for WoW players!


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                I have had chars in WoW for many years (came over after about 8 years in Everquest), but stopped playing because I didn't like my guild, didn't have time, switched to another game (gasp!), etc., etc.. I will consider joining the IC guild, but I hate starting over, lol. Sounds like a good time.