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  • have to pay monthly?

    Hi, I've been wanting to give WOW a try but I heard you have to pay every month to do it. Is that true? How much is it every month?
    Please consider food allergy testing. My regular doc thought the idea was pointless. My IC doc referred me to allergist and I found I have severe multiple food allergies that seem to be causing the bulk of my bad IC symptoms.

    Severe IC w/Hunners Ulcers, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Myofascial Pain, Severe Multiple Food Allergies(corn, milk, egg, beef, tomato, string bean, peas, sulfites) w/severe enviro allergies to go along.

    Current Meds:

    Amitriptyline 10mg @ bedtime
    Atarax - 50 mg @ bedtime
    Loratadine - 10mg in morning
    Pepcid - 20 mg in morning
    Klonopin - .5 as needed & @ bedtime
    Endocet 10/325 - as needed
    Flexeril - as needed
    Prelief as needed

    On harsh diet. Low-acid IC diet with 100% avoidance of egg, corn, milk, and sulfites. Not fun at all...

    Didn't Help:
    Pyridium as needed
    Elmiron instills 2x/week

    Stopped due to loss of medical coverage:
    Lyrica - 150mg 2x day
    Savella - 50mg 2x day
    Elmiron - 100mg 3x day


    7-8-09 Laparoscopy, hysterscopy, D&C, endometrial ablasion, bladder hydrodistention and cystoscopy. Found large fibroid on outside of uterus and removed it and they found large Hunners Ulcurs on my bladder indicating moderate to severe IC.

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    Yes, you do... but I consider it very cheap at $14 per month. What I like about it is that it's very distracting on those days when I'm under stress or just not feeling well. I can just disappear into WOW for an hour or so and let my problems aside. I really enjoy it.
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