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Young and the Restless!!

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  • Young and the Restless!!

    I am an addict!! Lauren killed Sheila....this past week has been crazy...anyone else out there.:
    Who killed Carmen??? I have been watching since forever


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    I am totally addicted, I think Lauren will get off. I think Carmen is alive and well and with all of Janna's interest in the case has something to do with it all.


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      Y & R

      Yes I agree that Carmen is alive, and that Jana's disapperance is all linked together!!!
      Professer Corbell puts quite a twist in the storyline too..

      Thanks for the reply.. Rita


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        OH I know Rita, If I miss any of it during the day I try to catch it at 7PM on Soapnet, or all night Saturday nights LOL


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          Youg and the Restless!

          Me too!! On the days my ic is bad and I am stuck in the house helps me get my mind of ic.
          Have a Good One!


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            At first I thought Corbel did it, but I belive she is still alive and her and David are terroize (SP) Dru. I still think Corbel is involved with the Art collection going on with Victoria and Brad, and I am concern about Colleen being involved with him.
            God grant me the serinity to withstand the days ahead!!!

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              OMG!!! Did you guys see it today??? Jenna is alive and well and now Colleen is with her...It's GOT to be the professor!!! He is looney, that's for sure. Maybe he really did kill Carmen. I don't know how it will all tie together, but maybe he killed her, then Jenna was onto him, so he kidnapped her, and when Colleen found Carmen's license, he got her, too. The one thing I don't understand...Jenna looked just fine today, so how did all her blood get by the lake?

              I can't wait to get home from surgery tomorrow so I can watch it!!! I DVR it every day just in case I'm not home! Oh, and how lame is this, I DVR it in the living room AND the bedroom, just in case one of them messes up!


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