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    Saw the movie last night. I have been hearing about it from people who have seen it, all week long, but nothing prepares you for it. It was literally breath taking. Even yhough I spent over half of the movie with my face buried in my husbands shoulder the images will be with me vividly for a long time to come.


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    I saw the movie last week and agree that nothing even comes close to preparing you for it. I also hid my face at times, but felt so guilty for not being able to watch what Jesus went through for me. I thanked the Lord through the whole movie for His sacrifice. It's hard to find the words to express the way the movie made me feel...grateful and ashamed are two of the closest, but they don't seem to be enough. It's just hard to explain. I recommend the movie to both believers and skeptics. I've been at a very low point lately, and this movie has helped my spirit a great deal.



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      I may get shot for this but I didn't like the movie at all. We all know that Jesus died on the cross. Reading about it and looking at it are two completely different things and had Mel Gibson gone a little bit part the crucifiction I might have walked away feeling a little better. During the worse of the bloody part there was myself and a few other men outside smoking a cig, all saying that they'd seen enough.

      I am in the middle of a cancer that could kill my sister any day now and I was hoping to walk away from the movie feeling a lot more hope than I did~
      Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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        I have a question about the movie....
        Does it show the ressurection? If it doesn't then some people will miss the whole point!
        God brought me to it, He will bring me through it!!!

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          Mel did go past the crucifixion during the last 3 minutes or so. It was wonderful and left me with a feeling of hope. Yes, the movie was brutal but, it was a brutal death. The Scriptures say that He was beaten so badly that He was unrecognizable. I, also looked away from the screen a time or two. I, also spent most of the movie saying thank you. Grateful and ashamed are some of the best words I have heard to describe how I felt while watching the movie.

          Teri...I am so sorry to hear the news about your sister and the cancer spreading. Prayers are being sent your and your sister's way.

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