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    Very touching, Michelle!

    Thanks for sharing the reminder as that is something I think most of us have to pray about is being able to forgive others and to love others as Jesus loves us. It is so easy to love the loveable and so difficult to love the unloveable. It is also hard to pray for some one that persecutes you. But with Jesus's help, we are able to do all these things we could not do on our own.
    May God bless you- angel

    They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.---Isaiah 40:31


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      Ok. I went and saw the Passion last night. It was myself, my hubby, and our almost 12 year old daughter, Emilee. It was not as graphic as I was expecting it to be. I did close my eyes a few times but that is to be expected. It was long, and it was intense. I did not get up to pee once. (I took a ditropan about 2 hours before) There were so many things to say about this movie. First, it is not - in my opinion anti-sematic. It is true that Jesus was crucified by hos own people - the Jewish people. But Jesus forgave them and died to save them, and us. Second, It is a true picture of how things were at that time. The beating that Jeses took and the pain. The open, bleeding wounds. The chunks of flesh torn off. That's how it was, people, and that was not glossed over in any wa. The crown of thorns was beaten into his head. All through the movie I prayed and thanked Jesus for dying for our sins, for MY sins. Third - Yes, I cried. I was not crying during the beating scenes, but what got me was Mary's torment in seeing her son beaten and crucified. And how she was strength for him. That got me. I think the rest of the movie was an excellent example of showing the world what is in thebible. But I never felt the emotion of Mary until this time. Like I said, that got me. Emilee had a lot of questions after the movie. She wanted to know why there was an earthquake when Jesus died. She wanted to know why the first raindrop triggered that. I answered the best I could. And the earthquake was to rock the world and to tear the temple curtain so all were welcome into the temple, not just the important people. I reminded her that last Sunday's sermon was about that subject. I highly recommend seeing this movie. Take a friend. Take lots of friends. Just see it and draw your own conclusions. Good Luck and bring your kleenex. Michelle


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        I, like you, Michelle sobbed with Mary. I told my husband, after seeing the movie, that I had been able to keep myself together unil "the mother's heart" was portrayed so beautifully. I believe that most mothers who see this movie will feel the same way. I was prepared for the graphic scenes of the torture of Jesus. I had seen many promos and had even bought and looked at a book of photos taken from the film that I found at Sam's, but I was not prepared to see Mary's side. Her pain and grief were beyond measure and depicted so well. I kept thinking about my own son and what it would have been like to be her and watch my son go through what her "baby" endured for me and for all of us.

        It is an amazing movie and one of great importance. One I will never forget. It will remain in my spirit, always. Thank You, Lord.

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          I too am going to see this movie.
          I realy like the posts on this subject it has been so touching to read them all.
          May god bless you all and shine down on each and every one of you.
          Thanks for every thing group.
          grouphug angel
          Take care.Love always, Zookeeper Kim
          Animals are very comforting when
          pain & life gets you down...

          Keep your head held high and don't let any thing bring you down.


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            Michelle in AR, just wanted to clarify- there is no language called Jewish. The language that Jews speak is Hebrew. There is also Yiddish, but that evolved long after The Passion happened. Yiddish is a mixture of German, Polish and other Eastern European languages. Judith


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              Hey, Judith. Thanks~ I must have been brain dead at the time I posted that. I appreciate the clarification. Did U see the movie yet? It bears the wait in line to see it. Michelle


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                No problem Michelle. I do not intend to see the movie, its just not something I am interested in. Judith