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  • American Wedding?

    I have heard this is a great movie I don't get out to the theaters because I am pretty much home bound .. So I haven't seen it and want to. I was wondering if (I was told) American pie, and American pie 2 are before this movie.. If they are I need to watch them in order wouldn't I?
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    I saw America Wedding and it is a blast! It is so funny! I thought it was much funnier than the first two! My boyfriend laughed so hard during that movie I thought he would fall on the floor! You definately have to see it if you have seen the first two! lmao lmao lmao

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      Cindy that movie is a blast!!!!!! I loved it i did how ever see the other two movies before this one but you don't have to see them to make sence of this one.
      its none stop laughter from start to finish you cheek bones will be hurting from laughing so hard. its a must see movie if you love to laugh. lmao
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        Cindy, remember I told you to go get this movie!!! LOL It's funny, but kinda gross in some spots, but hilarious none the less. You will love it, feel like deja vu here!!

        Love ya,
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          You definately don't need to see the first two before you see wedding, but personally I thought wedding was the worst of the three....the jokes were old and Stiflers character was way seemed to me that the third one was trying too hard and was making too much of a good thing...only my opnion, but I liked the second one the best of the three....
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