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    My honey and I went to this movie on Valentine's Day because I thought it would be a great date movie and it was! Adam Sandler's movies are getting better. Mind you, there were some infantile jokes ( you know like farting, barfing etc) but it was still funny. The Walrus and the penquin steal the show. Plus 5 kids of one of the characters and I just can't remember the actors name at the moment, but he cracks me up! I swear that after one scene I was laughing out loud for another 5 minutes after everyone else stopped! Even now, I think I about the scene and I laugh! So one a scale of 1 - 10, I rate this movie a 7. Drew Barrymore was good in it, you could tell she was not trying that hard. It just comes naturally to her to act, being that she comes from one of Hollywood's most famous acting families, the Barrymores.

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    I LOVE Adam Sandler!!! His movies are great, I've seen them all and am collecting. I am dying to go see this movie, hubby just bought me Big Daddy last night to add to the collection. Thanks for the heads up, I have GOT to go see that movie.
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      My hubby and I went to see this on Valentine's also. I agree that I really enjoyed it. It was a great date movie.