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What's Your favorite feel good movie?

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    I'll watch almost anything--

    Sweet Home Alambama
    Forest Gump
    Sound of Music
    Wizard of OZ
    Wedding Crashers
    Anything with Robin Williams
    "" with Julia Roberts
    I can go on and on..... but I'll stop here....


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      Has anyone here seen "Akeelah and the Bee"? If not, I highly recommend it.
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        3 of my faves are:

        Bruce Almighty
        Forrest Gump
        Hope Floats

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          We just got "Night at the Museum" from Netflix, supposedly for my son, but my husband and I were suprised at how much we enjoyed it! My son absolutely loved it, and has watched it three times. He's only three and I am pretty picky about what he watches, but didn't feel this had anything objectionable for him. I also love "Second Hand Lions", "A League of Their Own", "Heart and Souls" and "It's a Wonderful Life" (at Christmas or any time!).


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            'Some Like it Hot' is my all time favourite, & also I'm with Donna in liking 'Chicago'.


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              for modern movies, my favourites would have be chicago, memoires of a geisha, and the new "Amazing Grace" movie, which is AMAZING... its not on video yet but I've already pre-ordered it!

              Otherwise, I'm a big Turner Classic Movies nut. I'm an especially big Norma Shearer fan. She was such a chameleon! Each of her parts, she's SO different. My favorite of hers is "The Women" from the 1930's. Its a movie about divorce that was well ahead of the time... its so good.

              I'm also a "noir" fan, and would highly recommend "Double Indemnity"


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                Originally posted by mary124 View Post
                I'll watch almost anything--

                Anything with Robin Williams
                Did you see "What Dreams May Come"? It was somewhat of a sleeper with Robin Williams..somewhat "dark" but I loved the movie. The special effects were incredible.
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                  I also like to watch Second Hand Lion --- I've watched it several times.

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                    Raising Arizona

                    This is an old movie with Holly Hunter (I think) and John Goodman about a bunch of bumbling crooks, but it always makes me laugh.


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                      ever after my favorite- my daughter and i cuddle up to watch it!

                      robin hood--with kevin costner

                      i think thats is all i can remember!
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                        Wow, feel goods huh? I have so many!

                        Ever After
                        Princess Bride
                        Never Been Kissed
                        50 First Dates
                        Practical Magic
                        Both Bridget Jone's movies
                        Anything Steve Martin: Parenthood, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, etc...
                        How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
                        Wedding Planner
                        Private Benjamin
                        Love Actually
                        4 Weddings and a Funeral
                        The Patriot (not mushy, but definitely a triumphant one)
                        A Beautiful Mind
                        Memoirs of a Geisha (book was good too! )
                        Indiana Jones Trilogy
                        Under the Tuscan Sun

                        As for the old classics:
                        Anything Doris Day - favorite is Calamity Jane, love the song "Secret Love" - well, I love anything she sang, lol.
                        Perils of Pauline with Betty Hutton
                        The Man Who Knew Too Much (again Doris Day, lol - and "Que Sera Sera")
                        Guys and Dolls (and any Frank Sinatra movie)
                        Anything with Cary Grant - Arsenic and Old Lace, Operation Pettycoat..

                        I could go on and on in all categories!! LOL
                        How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time...

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                          My favorite movies are: GREASE, Wizard of Oz, Speed, A Walk in the Clouds, National Lampooon "Vacation" and many others.


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                            Let's see....

                            When Harry Met Sally
                            Under the Tuscan Sun
                            You've Got Mail
                            Absolutely anything with Audrey Hepburn!
                            Romancing the Stone
                            Jewel of the Nile
                            Sweet Home Alabama
                            The American President

                            I know there is more but that is all I could think of for now!


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                              I love the following movies :

                              You've got Mail
                              Baby Boom
                              Funny Farm
                              Father of the Bride I & II
                              French kiss
                              Sleepless in Seattle
                              The First Wives Club
                              Kate & Leopold
                              When Harry met Sally
                              Gosh there are so many I can not think of them all...

                              Oh and I love Christmas movies too.
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                                I love to watch
                                BABY BOOM too.
                                I am not a musical person but I do like
                                OLIVER and GREASE and SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER.
                                Anything with Steve Martin, Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy or Arnie S and Will Smith in it will do me.
                                They are all really good actors most of them funny too.
                                I don't go to the cinema, I wait for the films to come out on dvd.
                                The christmas movies are a big favourite in our house too.

                                I have had IC and PBS for 20+ years.
                                Tried every medication I can think off.
                                Had a Clam Cystoplasty with Mitrofanoff in November 2006.
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                                4th october 2007.

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