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  • Is it just me?

    Or if you had an hour to kill before your dr appt would you end up at the local shelter and find the dog of your dreams, adopt it, get it home and settled, and make it back in time for your appt?!
    New addition is Bernadine, a reddish gold pit mix with gorgeous golden eyes and a heart of gold. She's only at most 3 yrs old, seen hard times, was picked up in a bad neighborhood starving AND pregnant. She's probably had previous litters, too, she looks like she needs breast reduction surgery!! She's a sweetheart, housebroken, and slept in her new crate all last night without making a sound. I think she's exhausted from the shelter experience and puppies that were nursing til they were 5 months old. She practically falls asleep while sitting up, poor thing. She's scrawny and hungry, but hopefully within a month or so will be in good form, I'm going to keep her on puppy food til she looks better. She's getting along fine with my other pit mix, June Bug, and hasn't paid attention to or eaten the cat, so I think all is going to be fine. I had another pit/lab mix for 15 yrs. They have become my dog of choice, especially since they are hard to adopt. Mine have always been outstanding pets, I think because I take them everywhere and socialize them. Wish my camera were working, I'd post a link to some pix.

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    lol I would do the same thing.. its a good thing there is a limit on pets you can have.
    'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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      I'm so happy to hear about your new addition!! I just love all animals. I can't pass them up either, especially when I know they've had it rough.


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        Congrats on the new addition, can't think of a better thing to do in an hour and a half. Have fun with her.