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  • Sweetest Dog EVER!!!!!!!!!!

    My dog Kane a 3 yr old rottweiler bull mastiff mix Has got to be the sweetest dog. I have been miserable lately and stuck with dr's on vacation. I have been just trying to sleep as much as possible if i can get to sleep. He has always been tolerant of being pulled on but he is been a angel lately. If i get outta bed he comes and lets me pull up on him and walks at my side to where ever i am going. But because of his breed he is treated horrribly where ever we go. He is starting CGC classes next week so he can go to hospitals and see the kids. I just posted this to remind people that PLEASE punish the deed, not the breed. Since he is half rottweiler and becasue of Breed Specific Legislation i could lose my helper just because of irresponsible owners. Please remember that next time a rottweiler or Pit bull passes you on the strret. That they could be someone's helped like Kane is mine. I love my dog so much can you imagine lossing your dogs because people are irresponsible to not train there dogs well. I did train my dog he is a gentle loving 125lbs dog. None of you may have a bad feeling on these wonderful creatures but a lot do. I just wanted to share my story on my dog who is what a rottweiler should be.

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    Aaawe he's gorgeous! Before I was born my parents got a rottweiler doberman mix and she was the sweetest dog ever!
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      aaaaaaaaawwwwww he is so cute... I have some things to do, but when I get back I'll post my doggies.. Piper female, lab/rotty/mastiff/pit and 2 male, Lucky and Bear (brothers) lab/rotty..
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        What a cutie. I love the picture of him smiling for the camera. You are so right about breed prejudice. We adopted a part pit part boxer, and he is the sweetest doggie in the world. But people are always commenting on how we better be careful of him. Makes me furious.


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          Thanks for sharing your story! My daughter and I really enjoyed looking at his pictures! What a beautiful and special animal! I am not a dog owner, but I am very aware that rottweilers (and other similar breeds) make wonderful pets given the right family and lots of love, and that they are more than able to give that love right back! My father in law and his girlfriend had a beautiful Rottweiler named Brita. She was always sweet and gentle with my kids and even tolerated my oldest daughter who has ADHD and was very wound up back then! We were so sad when she passed away last year
          They won't get another dog right now. They just can't imagine feeling the same way about another dog. His girlfriend had her for 16 years!
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            You're right, it just depends on how they are treated and trained. Pics are just really too much. Such a sweet animal. I have 2 small dogs -- one is a Alaskan Husky/Rat Terrier (she is 13 years old) and a Jack Russell/Whippet (she is 3 years old) both small dogs looks like they wouldn't hurt a flea.... oh but they would if you did something to their Mommy.... (they both have a pretty set of teeth!) and they could really bark too.


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              He sounds like a very smart dog. Strange how he knows you need him and I am sure he needs you. You are right. It isn't the breed but the owner that gives dogs a bad name. My neighbor has a rottwiler and that dog is very very big! Haven't been around him but the guy said he is a sweetie. Any dog can turn into a bad one but most of them time I would say it is because of the owner. Animals are so mistreated and blamed for how they behave. How stupid is that?


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                Thank you he knows how georgous he is lol. I dont know what makes him do what he does but he does and loves it. When he goes to his class for his CGC they will do an involation on him to see if hospitals or schools will do better with him. Yes these types of dog do need strict training. He loves children he goes and plays with the neighbor's kids all the time. It takes a differnt type of owner for this breed as well as pit bulls. They are wonderful family pets as well as defenders of you and your property. I think my next puppy which will be soon will either be another rottweiler or a pit bull. You cant let them get away with NOTHING. Then you have dog that may bit if he isnt highly trained and loved.


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                  What a sweet/smart dog!!!
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