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I Felt One Kick!!!

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  • I Felt One Kick!!!

    I left my hand on Patches stomach longer this afternoon. She gave me that look of oh no not "Nurse bother me" again but I actually felt one kick!! :woohoo: It was sooooooo cool! I've never felt a baby move before. She's been sleeping on her recliner and I have kept her covered over with her blankie. I'm going to be grandmother and I bet tomorrow!!! Now I'm wondering what else to do for her. She has her birthing bed all set up. Should I do anything more. She will have her night light on too. Always does. Now I'm panicing. Going from great joy to paniced out of my mind. At least now I know for sure. This is sooooooooo exciting. :woohoo:

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    Ok, I'm about ready to burst here! I want to tell the world about it and I have no one to call or yell this wonderful news to. My grandchildren will have 4 little paws. Patches is acting cool as a cucumber and I'm going around like a raving maniac. Guess one of us has to keep our heads on.


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      Woohooo Thats so cool.. At least you know for sure now...

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        :woohoo: Congratulations! I wonder how many she'll have?


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          Isn't that the coolest think to feel them kick?! Don't get too worked up, I promise she will do all the work. Can't wait to hear all about them!!!!!


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            How exciting!

            It is such a joy to experience giving birth (except for that pain thing) and to witness someone else or your pet bring little ones into the world. Play some relaxing music when she starts going into labor, it may not matter much to her, but it will be good for you. Can't wait to see those 'baby' pics! Love that 'baby animal' smell. I wish they could bottle it!

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              I think there are 3 little monsters in there. Felt a kick on both sides and her belly. She did eat some turkey but other then that has been sleeping. Not even interested in playing. Do you think she will have them tonight? I am so excited about it but also feel bad for Patches because now she has to go through labor pain and I can't do a thing about it. Was thinking about spending the night in her room but thought she might not want me out there so will spend it downstairs. I can out and check on her. Grandma duty starts. It is weird to feel them kicking. Wonder which part was doing the kicking? I will post pictures as soon as she has the monsters. I do know I will have a very hard time giving them away. Already sad about it and they haven't seen the world yet.

              meme, I hope you are right about her knowing what to do. I am wondering if this is her first litter and if she does know what is happening. Wish I could talk to her. Have been meowing back and forth with her so maybe I do know some cat talk?


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                No kittens this morning. She started eating a lot last night, playing and running up the stairs. I knew once she started running up the stairs she wouldn't be haivng them last night. Wish she would make up her mind and those little monsters too. So, I'm still on kitten watch.