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Is this a sign? LOL!

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  • Is this a sign? LOL!

    So tell me, whadda think it means when my black cat gives birth to 5 black kittens on Friday the 13th?

    They're adorable, mom and babies are doing great, but I can't help but think that there's a message in this somewhere... of course, everyone at the office wants a "Friday the 13th" kitten, so at least finding them homes should be easy.

    Now to come up with some good names for my little witch babies, LOL!


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    hummmmmmm now thats thats if you believe they are bad luck.. But from my experience.. I seem to have better luck on the 13th and when I see a black cat cross my path.. I think thats lucky to because he didnt get ran over...

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      From what I went thru today I'd say your black kitties are a good omen. I'm so happy you've found homes for them. I had 4 cute healthy ones (all colors, but no black ones) dumped in the alley at my back door the other day and took them to the humane society that I donate money to regularly, and they wanted me to give them $35 per kitten--total $140!!!!!!!!!! I had already called everyone I knew and even invited people over just so they could see how darn cute they were, but no takers So that's how I ended up having to take them to the shelter. I reminded them how much money I have donated over the years and they ended up keeping the cats (LONG story short) without even taking the $30 check I had written up beforehand (thinking that they would be happy to have a donation on top of all I have already donated). Bummed me out, I keep telling myself my intentions were good and I tried to do the best I could for those kitties, but just ended up being more upset about it than I already was about having to take them to the shelter.
      Hope your kitties have found good homes and live happy healthy lifes!


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        Imagine if she had them in October? Are they all identically black? Any way to tell them apart?


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          Briza, that is just awful both times. Who would dump kittens to begin with and the SPCA should not have wanted money for the kittens. I know they work on donations but still. I do not like the SPCA where I am. Everytime I called for them to help out an animal that someone had for a pet they did nothing. Maybe you could ahve tried a church in your area? I know someone who did that once a long time ago. The only catch was they said if they found homes for the dog and puppies then the person had to go to their church one Sunday. Which I guess wasn't really all that bad. You did a good deed. Seems they would want to know who dumped them off.


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            Thanks, Mary, for your support
            Unfortunately this is a small town, we're lucky to even have a no kill humane society, (there's not even a dog pound) but it is very well kept and highly funded by all the bigwigs in the area...people who own entire resorts like the Radisson, Sheraton, Bank owners and presidents, etc., finance the place. Every month or so there are giant fundraisers held for this humane society auctioning stuff like donated offshore fishing trips, expensive dinners, etc. The animals there eat science diet...that's not cheap stuff. I realize they play on your emotions, that's their job, to try to get the animals adopted and get donations. But I was so sad about the kittens already I was in no mood to have anyone playing with my emotions, nor more than my bank account could handle! So I'm still so happy for Missy's kittens, that they all have homes lined up already. That's great!


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              That's awful! Our humane society here charges 20 per cat to drop off, and makes you sign a form stating that if you'd been more responsible and taken better care of your animal, you wouldn't be dropping them at all. They leave no room for us good samaritans that want to help but simply can't take in every single stray!!! They assume that we simply didn't spay or neuter our pets and now we're dumping the results. ARGH!

              My momma came to me pregnant, was I supposed to have a kitty abortion so I could say I was responsible? I'm glad the ASPCA is here, they do great work, but sometimes we "general public" need a bit more credit.

              Looks like I'm only going to have one "true" black baby... two tuxedos and two tabbies also. They're all SO cute! And yes, even at 3 days old, it looks like they all have homes. Of course, we'll see what happens in 6 weeks, know what I mean? LOL!