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I am Sad - Having to Give Dog Away

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  • I am Sad - Having to Give Dog Away

    I adopted an 11mth old Border Collie Mix in December from our local pound. She was malnurished and the vet said she had already had puppies. The pound picked her up as a stray, so we didn't know her history. She seemed to be a very good fit for me because she was housetrained, and very quiet and loving. As you most know I got divorced last year and had to have my beloved dog Bandit put to sleep after having her for 14 years due to conjested heart failure. But after I nursed Angel back to health and she started gaining weight and such her true Border Collie energy came out and I as well of most of us here with IC do not have the energy or the physical strength to exercise her several hours of the day like she needs.

    So I made a decision to try and find her a new home and placed an ad in the paper. I have gotten many calls, but after talking with them, they were not good fits for her until this morning and a man called and asked if he and his family could come see her. They live on 6 acres and a pool and three boys 14, 12 and 8 and they loved her. The oldest was very interested in the training techniques that I learned from taking her to private Petsmart Classes, so they said that they would go talk about it and call me this afternoon. They live about 40 min. away in a very small community. They were the nicest family and I know she will be soooo happy, but it is breaking our hearts here, because we do love her, but just can't provide what she needs.

    I am such an animal lover, had my own pet sitting business for 8 years before I became too ill with IC and I know in my heart for some reason I went to the pound that day and she captured my heart and I saved her life, she was on her last week there and then our pound puts them to sleep. They did not tell me this until I had adopted her, so I know God was pulling me to her, because there were so many others. But it still hurts and I sit here crying my eyes out because she will be gone tomorrow.

    So send me your hugs and good words. I could use them right now.

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    You are right about being a reason for you adopting her. You were her guardian angel. It must be very hard to see her go and I don't think anything in the world can make it any easier but try to remember you gave her life back to her. Without you she more then likely would not have survived. Very few people would take on a sick animal. Maybe you can go and visit her from time to time. Ask the people and I'm sure they wouldn't mind. She will have lots of room to run and play and with 3 kids to keep her very busy. Try to think of it as sending her off to a new and happy life instead of the awful one she had in the past. You are a wonderful person to have taken on the task of getting her healthy again and having the courage to find her a carrying family. It takes a big heart to let them go.


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      HI OMG! I feel so for you and your loss! Pets are like people to us and it's SO hard to see them go...even if it's for the best.
      My husband and I are dog it was difficult for us to read your post and think about what you are going through.
      I have a feeling she will do fine though and get a good home.......she's a survivor! You are in my thoughts.....Roxie

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        I went through a similar experience last summer. I had adopted a 4 month doxie/shepard mix... and named her Ukelele. She had been abused, and attacked by another dog and so was slightly aggressive toward my family's other dog Valentine. I was terribly heartbroken that I was not the right home for her... she needed a one dog/no small children home and I was just not that. The good news is, I found a rescue for her that would help her get adopted by the right home and family. The even better news... I had saved Ukelele and helped her find where she belonged and THEN I got to save another dog that was the perfect fit for me.
        It's truely dissappointing that your border collie mix was not the right fit for your life, you provided her a second chance (and evena third one by finding her the proper home) to have a happy life. It's true love when you can let go of a creature so that it may have someone who can provide the extensive/specialized care it needs. While you cannot "replace" your dog, you have the oppertunity to find the dog that does fit into your life, you can save ANOTHER animal.
        I found my true companion after grieving the loss of Ukelele... I also discovered that adopting through a rescue is more reliable because the foster parents know more about the disposition of the animal than a shelter would... I adopted Mac who is the love of my life.
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          Sometimes it takes more love to let go than it does to hang on. I'll say a prayer for you that you make a decision you feel comfortable making.

          Sending gentle hugs,
          Stay safe

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            I can relate to the sense of loss you feel. I just had to give my cat back to the shelter where I got her after I was evicted from my apartment. The place I'm at now doesn't allow pets, and I was (and still am) very sad.

            My daughter said something to me like waterflow said tho, and it helped to ease my mind a bit. She said "At least you gave her a good life for the year that you had her". She's right. It does help to ease the pain some.

            Sending you prayers for strength as you go through this..
            Thank You all so much to everyone here for all your sharing, caring and support!
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              Thank all of you who responded with your kind words. After talking with the kids last night at dinner we all agreed she is going to love it there chasing the kids and maybe even playing in the pool with them. I know my heart will ache for a while and I have asked that they email me how she is doing and when they come to get her I am going to ask if maybe in a couple of weeks we could take a drive and see for ourselves. I know I saved her life and that does give me some peace of mind. Again thank you.


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                Maybe it would help to think your home was a stopping point - a safe haven for a time - in preparation for her forever home. You saved her life and provided a safe waiting place for her while things we put in place for the family who will have her for keeps.

                We had to give away one of our dogs last Spring and I never felt so horrible in my life. It was honestly one of the saddest times I have ever experienced. So HUGE {{{{HUGS}}}} to you. The intensity of what you are feeling will fade, but I know how much it must hurt right now.

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                  I am sorry that you werent able to keep your doggy. But, I agree with Donna that it often takes more love to let go than to hang on. Hopefully, you will be able to visit your dog in her new home and you will be comforted to see that the love you showed her enabled her to show them love now.

                  Sending healing hugs,


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                    Angel has her new home

                    I took Angel tonight to meet her new owners and felt very good about my decision, the last thing he said was that he could promise me that she would have a great home. His sons had already called him twice to see if he had her yet and they had skipped their boy scout meetings so they could be there when he got home. I am still sad and watching her drive away, hurt to the core and then coming home with no crazy dog meeting me hurt too. I know in time the pain will lessen. No more pets for me unless its a pet rock, ha ha, I can't take the hurt again. I have never been without a pet, but I have never been so physically sick before either. It is all I can do to take care of my kids and house and work part time.


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                      ((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) if your gut tells you it was all good, then she will be fine.. I know it must have really hurt to give her away.
                      'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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                        I am so sorry to hear about you having to give your dog up. I am sure it was very hard to do. Hang in there! Maybe when the time is right, GOD will lead you back to the pound to "save" adopt another dog. It does sound like God sent you to the pound for a purpose and that he chose that dog for you to love, and to care for and to get it back up on it's feet, so that a family like the one who is taking her could give her all of the exercise, love and stuff that maybe you were not able to due to IC.