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  • the luxury liter box

    I bought Patches another liter box. For one, I wanted to be able to clean the thing without having to worry about her needing it as soon as I took it away and two it was just to small. I called around and one of the pet stores was the only place for a bigger size but that was 40 minutes away. Got a bright idea to check at one of those gardening/building stores. They didn't have liter boxes but they had one giant tupperware storage box that goes under your bed. That works perfectly and lots of space for her bottom. It is 19 inches wide and the length is 38 1/2 inches. She looked kind of lost in it when she checked it out and even used it to lay down in. But at least she can go potty now and try to get her bottom to fit in the liter box. Hmmmm, maybe I need that big of one for all the kittens she will be having or maybe I will be owning a lion in the furture?