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Question about Pomeranians - Would we make good owners for one?

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  • Question about Pomeranians - Would we make good owners for one?

    I have never been to the "Pets Welcome" section, but it is cool. Does anyone own a Pomeranian dog? Could you give me advice on whether we would make a good home for one? Here is the situation; my mother and I have a small dilemma as we have been offered a one-year-old male Pomeranian dog. My brother has a friend who doesn’t want to keep him because he works so much.

    As a family our house has had all sorts of dogs and cats, but never a small dog like Pomeranian. (German Shepard, Miniature Collie/Shetland Sheep/Sheltie Dog, mutt of poodle/terrier mix – barked constantly LOL!, & Maine Coone Cat, Manx Cat) We always say we would like to be a dog at our house because they get the royal treatment. (We are the only two people in the house and we have no other pets. I am home constantly and my mother is retired, but does activities ¾ of the week at night. We have a huge fenced in back yard, but may move to a house with an average size yard. We would be willing to take the dog to the groomers, but prefer not every month due to expense and of course the vet. If brushing is required a couple times a week that would be fine too.) I have looked on the web for information but still feel like we have questions and need advice.

    How much do they shed? How frequently? Is it more like a poodle or Sheltie? (I know Pomeranians have a double coat.)

    Do you trip over them because they are so small? (Our last dog weighed 15 pounds and we felt like he was tiny.) Can you sleep with them in the bed or do they get hurt if someone rolls over on them? (Yes, our dogs sleep with us big and small – sorry if anyone is grossed out. We just love our dogs.)

    Someone told me they have bad teeth and need to be knocked out at the vet every 6 months to get their teeth cleaned. It that true?

    Can you give them a bath in a large kitchen sink? (We don't have a tub.)

    How often do they go to the groomers and what do you have done? A cut?

    Are they a one person dog or does it vary from each different dog?

    If we do get him, do you have any recipes for dog food because the food on the shelves may not be safe.

    The current owner hasn’t been able to potty train him, but a women keeping him almost has the job done. Also, he hasn’t been neutered, which could be causing the difficulties. He also put him in the crate in the garage when he was gone to work – that was mean! It makes me mad and one of the reasons my brother is looking for this Pomeranian a home. If he comes to live with us the crate will be put away and out of site unless we have to transport him and he freaks out in the car without being crated.

    Any advice, tips or stories would be greatly appreciated! We just want to make sure we would make a good home for this little boy and could meet his needs. Come to find out a large number of our friends and family have met this dog and have been totally charmed by him. My 15 year old niece says he has never nipped at her or the smaller kids in the neighborhood. Thank you.


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    I do not have that kind of dog, but have friends that do and they are very hyper dogs and take alot of hair maintence...But also they are very loving..

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      Thank you for your response as I have only seen this type of dog on TV and pics never one in person.



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        my parents had one. They got her from a breeder when she was 8 weeks old. I had no clue that so much evil could come out of such a tiny animal. She would attack you if you tried to pet her, and she would walk up and start biting the grand kids.
        My theory on dogs, are they act like you treat them, so in conclusion she was mistreated before they got her. So many people give dogs a bad name because there owners make them this way.
        then again some are just evil in nature..
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          I have never owned a pomeranian... but if you have that many questions, maybe you should look up a breeder of one. I know youre not buying from the breeder, but explain the situation. Most breeders love their breed so much that your story would probably upset them enough theyd be begging you to take the poor puppy. I'd call up the breeder and enquire about maintenance. They usually know their own breed even better than most vets let alone even other owners.

          Good luck!


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            Yahoo groups, pomeranian

            Oh, I wanted to add....

            I belong to a Yahoo group designated for lovers of the Siberian Forest Cat. It consists of happy owners and nice breeders from all over the world. I've posed a number of questions to the group and gotten many answers... Actually I would check into a Yahoo Groups for Pomeranians even BEFORE calling a breeder in town. This way, you'll get a LOT of answers and from owners and breeders who REALLY love the breed... there are some bad breeders out there... So look into Yahoo Groups.

            If youre unfamiliar with Yahoo Groups, its similar to our message board here in that a lot of people are members and they can all post to the list. It is dissimilar in that you can have it all sent to your email. You need to sign up, but should you decide youre not taking the pomeranian or whatever you can always cancel your membership.

            Just a suggestion.


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              I have seen pom's, they are adorable. I have Papillons, two, and love them. They look somewhat like a pom. Little dogs have to defended themselves, being so small, and sometimes need to nip. I like female dogs best, easier to train. A dog one year old should have been trained, not just put in a crate. We purchased a small male toy fox terrier once, was one year old, not trained well, and never did train well. We did not keep it. Small dogs love to cuddle, keep out from underfoot as they are fast. I'm not sure about having to trim them. Papillons are not trimed. Teeth on small dogs tend to need cleaning about every 18 months. Unfortuneatly, it cost about $200. I feed my dogs only hard food, as it's better for their teeth. You have quite a group of pets, and with all that love perhaps you could help the pom. The photo's are papillons. sue
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                Pomerianians can be very temperamental - kind of mean-ish. But I am sure there are some who are very mild mannered. Maybe you could arrange to just meet up with the dog a few times and see how your personalities mesh?

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                  That is a great idea! I asked my brother if the little guy could spend the night with us, and it would probably be no problem with the owner. Thank you.


                  Originally posted by vm View Post
                  Pomerianians can be very temperamental - kind of mean-ish. But I am sure there are some who are very mild mannered. Maybe you could arrange to just meet up with the dog a few times and see how your personalities mesh?


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                    Thank you

                    I want to thank all of you for your informative messages and thank you for the wonderful ideas/tips. Sorry I didn't respond sooner and to each one -- having a pain situation that doesn't seem to let up. I really appreciate your response.

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