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Think Patches is jealous over the kittens

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  • leelee88
    I think this is normal... She had you first

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  • waterflow
    started a topic Think Patches is jealous over the kittens

    Think Patches is jealous over the kittens

    I have been letting them out twice a day to run around on the floor on a sheet. Not sure yet if they will go potty on the floor or not so want them on the sheet. Today I even got down and played with them. Was attacked a few times and they have real adult claws now. Patches was laying down in the middle of all this and one of the kittens went over to play with her like they have done before. She sort of attacked the kitten. Grabbed around her, bit down on her neck (didn't hear the kitten cry or anything) and then she started kicking the kitten with her back legs. Thought that wasn't good so I put them back into their box. They are all sleeping fine now. I have been spending more time with the kittens so will have to make sure I spend more time with Patches for a while. I never thought she would get jealous over the little monsters. Anyone else have this happen?