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need help potty training the kittens

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  • need help potty training the kittens

    I thought Patches would take the kittens to the liter box to train them but now someone told me she won't carry them to it. They have to walk there on their own and she will show them what to do. Now the question is where do I put the kittens while they are learning this? Can't let them just walk around in the room to pee on the flooring. I have no box or container big enough for them Patches and the liter box. Any ideas?

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    every time they eat or drink wait 15 mins and take them to the litter box.
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      It's instinctive for cats to dig, then do their stuff, then bury it. The only thing I ever did to house train a cat was to set it in a box with kitty litter and leave it there. They will almost always just go back there when there's a need.

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        I always do the same as Donna. Usually once they've been put in the litter box they remember and instinctively know what to do. Good Luck!!!!!


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          Thanks for the help. I'm suppose to wait until they are on solid food? Someone said they can start to be liter trained at 4 weeks. I did read on the interent that the clumping cat liter is poisonous and cannot be used with kittens. What ever makes it clump is poisonous. Nothing on the container saying that but I will get the plain old liter from now on. A whole lot cheaper too. Thanks again for the tips.