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Can't figure out what my dog is eating

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  • Can't figure out what my dog is eating

    I posted a month or two ago that my dog had an upset stomach. It went on for days. It ended up being the slightly different formula of food we got for him. He's been feeling better.

    But, now he's getting sick once or twice a week. His stomach will be upset and he'll vomit once or twice in a day. Then he's perfectly fine. I think he's eating something in our backyard that we're missing. We keep an eye out for wild onions growing and stuff like that. Anyone have any suggestions? We live in Indiana.

    He goes to the vet on Thursday for his shots (he's turning two on Monday!) and I'm going to talk to the vet about it, too, but I wanted to at least try and have some more solid ideas when I go in there.
    ~ Stacey

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    What about grass? I know some dogs eat grass to make themselves throw up if their tummies are upset. Our dog loves grass but it doesn't make her sick.


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      He does eat grass, but usually only after his stomach is upset anyway. Like if he gets sick, he often goes outside and starts munching on grass. Sometimes that will make him get sick again. Maybe he's eating it before and I'm just not realizing it.
      ~ Stacey


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        Dogs will eat grass when they have upset tummies. Then they throw up the grass.

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          I have heard that before. The Yorkie we had growing up did that. The only thing that concerns me is that he's doing it so often. At least once a week, but sometimes twice. LIke he got sick on Saturday evening and again yesterday. I'm wondering if maybe he just has an extra sensitive stomach or something. We don't feed him people food at all. He gets his dry dog food (Eukenuba) and an occasional treat. Some treats upset his stomach we know, so we avoid those and just stick with the ones that do OK for him.

          Otherwise, though, he's feeling well and not overly lethargic or anything. ALready this morning we've played some ball because he has extra energy today.
          ~ Stacey


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            Some dogs are prone to upset stomachs. Purebreeds especially! I would first gradually switch him over to a high quality lamb and rice dog food. This combination is traditionally made for dogs with sensitive systems. Dogs can be allergic to gluten and corn which is a major filler in dog foods that can make them vomit. Secondly, dogs are naturally scavengers and tend to eat lots of different kinds of things that make them puke, so a certain amount of vomiting is "normal". My dog eats our chickens poops for exapmle-gross! I would ask the vet for sure, but if hes not losing weight and still has a nice silky coat he should be ok. With all our animals, the vet tells us that a good indicator of total health is the quality of the fur/feathers Hope this helps!

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              IF a lamb and rice doesn't work they make food for sensitive stomachs. One of mine is on it. I would sure ask the vet.


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                I saw that Eukenuba now has a formula for sensitive stomachs. I will ask my vet about it when we go in on Thursday. He really does seem to be doing well otherwise. His coat is the same as usual and stuff, which sounds like that's a good sign.
                ~ Stacey


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                  Good Luck with the Vet Visit on Thursday. I hope you get some answers and guidance as to treat and feed your loved one.

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                    Your pic is soooo cute! I have a friend who used those Centricon things, in the ground, for treating termites. There was never any activity so there was no insecticide in them. But one of her dogs would dig them up and chew on them. Later the pup would be sick.

                    The vet said it would happen every time with anything 'plastic' made.

                    Needless to say she had the pest control people remove them from the backyard where her animals played.

                    I hope you and your vet find out what is going on soon.....hugs...
                    Tons of support,

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                      My German Shepard has a sensitive stomach. I found a pet food to feed her that is fairly low in preservatives and by-products and that helps quite a bit. Her stomach is upset much less often. The treats we give her are all-natural as well. If the vet doesn't think it's medical you may want to try an all-natural pet food.

                      Or I've known people to make their own dog food so they can control what's in it. I don't have the time to make food for myself, let alone the dog, but it's an option if you have the time and desire. There are articles and books that help determine what your specific breed of dog needs for proper nutrition.


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                        PLastic, huh? I can't think of anything plastic he could be chewing on, but I'll check.

                        We do think he's the cutest ever, of course! Since that photo was taken his ears have grown out a bit more and so has his beard, which is even cuter. (Long story about how the groomer cut his ears down at Christmas.)

                        I may try making some of his treats and stuff. My MIL makes cookbooks and she actually just released ones for dogs! It's filled with all kinds of recipes for them. I may just take a Saturday afternoon and make a few things for him.

                        (Totally off topic, but my in-laws have Buckles' brother from the same litter. They're both featured in the cookbook - even on the cover. June 25 is their second birthday and my MIL is going to make them a doggie birthday cake! Should be a fun party! Last year we made them put on birthday hats and everything!)
                        ~ Stacey


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                          So we just got back from the vet. The vet thinks that it's more like an acid reflux thing than something he's eating based on his symptoms and consistency of what he is throwing up. (Gross, I know.)

                          He gave us a pill to help with it that he'll take one half twice a day. Then we're also supposed to give him his food in two smaller portions rather than just letting him eat it all at once.

                          Hopefully that will all help. I'm glad that it ended up being something like that instead of something he was eating. We just couldn't figure out anything in our yard that would be hurting his stomach that much.
                          ~ Stacey


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                            I hope the medicine does the trick! Take care..........
                            Tons of support,

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                              Thanks for all your help with this. THe medicine seems to be helping and we're getting him used to eating two smaller amounts a day instead of the entire amount in the evening like he was. He's been feeling fine ever since, which is excellent. He turned 2 yesterday and my MIL made a doggie birthday cake. He loved it and had no problems with an upset stomach or anything. I was worried about him. We've had some difficult times and bad luck lately, so I was just sure it was something horrible wrong. (Jumping to conclusions again! ) Anyway, thanks you guys!
                              ~ Stacey