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  • Overpriced Vet??

    I was wondering if the following prices below is a rip off

    Timmy will be 7 years old in November. My parents and I take him to a vet that is walking distance from where we live. The vet suggested that Timmy gets this senior panel test done every year due to his age. Also the vet said to give Timmy water access all the time. The blood panel came back normal. Of course when mom works a long day she puts water down in the laundry room with newspaper. Even when she plays golf she leaves Timmy water. We got him when he was 9 months old in August 2005. He was supposed to be a show dog but he didn't make it. His parents are retired show dogs. He never showed signs of kidney issues. It's just that lately he just stares at his food bowl. He has a sensitive stomach. California Natural is for dogs with that issue. We have been given him just straight up dry food for at least 2 years and mix it with water and he was fine with that. We used to give him chopped turkey/white rice, or boiled eggs mixed in with the dry, but no more.

    Exam Fee $61.75

    Bordella Injection $35.00 (Crosspointe does this every 6 months)

    Senior blood panel $158.75

    Heartworm/Lyme/Ehrlichia/Anaplasa test $57.00

    Fecal brough in-out to Antech $44.75

    Medical Waste disposal-biohazardous $5.50

    Purina EN can $7.50

    So now I mix his California Natural Lamb and Rice Dry (1/2 cup twice a day) with 1 tablespoon of Purina EN can and drizzle with water. He loves the Purina EN. But I think the vet near our house is overcharging. I went to a vet in Burke and I don't think they charge an exam fee. Plus Timmy had ACTH stim test to check for Addisons at the vet in Burke and I think I paid not even $200, yet the rip off place told me it would be closer to $600! That is a huge price difference.

    In memory of my beloved best friend in the whole world! Timmy (West Highland White Terrier)

    God Bless,


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    The fees you mentioned in your post look reasonable to me. Medical care can be expensive and the labs, etc., have to be paid by the vet.

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      vet fees

      We take our dog to Parkway Vet clinic in Burke. He just had his senior panel plus x-rays.
      Their office visit charge is $51.00
      The geriatric profile was $121.00
      X-ray, two views, was $135.55

      Zach eats Royal Canin canned food because he has bladder stones, and that is a low-protein food, which is what he needs to keep from forming more stones. That food, I believe, is about $2.00 a can. We also sometimes give him W/D canned, which is slightly less expensive and has a very high water content, good for flushing the bladder.

      I can't recall how much Parkway charges for injections such as Bordatella, but the prices you listed sound about right.

      We get Zach's heatworm and flea and tick meds. from Pet Meds, much less expensive than at the vet. We also get a couple of his medicines from them.

      I hope this helps.


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        My shih tzu is 8 next month and I just took her for her bordatello, fecal test for heartworms and a vaccination. I also bought 6 months of Trifexis.

        Office visit exam charge: 44.00
        Bordetella: 19.50
        Trifexis 6 months: 90.00

        I am going to take her back for her senior panel next month and that will be $256.00, they are doing xrays, blood panel, urine analysis and some other things that I can't recall right now.

        I would say that your cost is comparable since I do live in a lower cost of living area than you do. I need to change Sophie to a senior food, she has been eating Bil Jac for small dogs and she has no problem with it at all. It is very small bits and is easier for her to eat, I hope I can find a senior formula that will sit well with her. She hasn't had many health problems other than her eye did get scratched twice, which isn't uncommon in dogs with her kind of eyes. Once she hurt her back jumping off the bed and she does have allergies but I treat that with benadryl.

        I hope your dog is doing well and eating his food now.

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          I did take Timmy to ********. Its just that when I want to speak to a vet I had to leave a message on their voice mail. So you worry and worry about what your dog's results are! I wonder why the front desk person or a Vet tech can't tell me results! Timmy got the senior blood panel done on Thurs and the vet told me the results would be ready by Fri. But I didn't get any call back! I called the vet back Sat morning and she was in appointments. I was frustrated. I spent close to $400 for what? Crappy service? So mom called and I guess in a way chewed them out and right away the vet called me back. It's like DUH I spend a lot of money and I expect good service! I'm looking at other vets that aren't scam like ((. My aunt pays $45 for an office visit. That is $20 savings! I called up two other vets in the area about the cost for the ACTH stim test which sees if the dog has Addisons Disease. Parkway, and the other two told me under $200, yet **** told me $600?? Something odd.
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          In memory of my beloved best friend in the whole world! Timmy (West Highland White Terrier)

          God Bless,



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            vet costs

            Hi Anna,
            I know, it's can be frustrating to wait to talk to the vets, but I think the techs aren't allowed to give out test results because if there's something off, the doctor needs to discuss it with you. The vet we use at Parkway, Dr. Dustine Reppuhn ,is wonderful about returning calls, even if it's at 9 at night.

            I hope you find someplace you're comfortable with.

            Good luck,


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              I think all vets charge differently but I do believe some will say to do testing that doesn't need to be done. Just like people and doctors. I lucked out with the vet place I found 4 years ago for my cats. There are 3 doctors in the building and most of the time they do not charge me the $35 office exam fee. They try to make it as affordable as they can while still being able to make a living.
              Of course with the vet so close by to you it might be worth the extra cost incase of an emergancy. As long as they are good.