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Another sick fur baby

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  • Another sick fur baby

    I was playing with my sweet little Pumpkin this afternoon and suddenly she sat there breathing weird. A lot of bigger breaths and I knew something was wrong and it was going to be Asthma yet again. Popeye suddenly had asthma too and I was soooooooooooooo hoping I was wrong on it with Pumpkin. (Popeye first had IC and then a year later Pumpkin had IC but Pumpkins got better) I called the vets office told them what was going on and I was bringing her. They did an x-ray of her lungs and sure enough. She had a bad case of Asthma and it must have been going on for a while. I didn't see it but it seems cats hide things so well until they are so sick they send you into a nervous breakdown. They wanted to give her a steroid shot but I told them I didn't want her having one because that was how Popeye ended up being diabetic which in the end is what caused her blood clot and the reason I had to put her to sleep last August. She had a lot of other health issues too and I just couldn't handle going through again but the only way for Pumpkin to be able to breath better was the steriod shot which in my head I knew. I asked the vet why do I have so many with breathing problems? My other two cats have allergies and they are on Zerytec as well. We both figured it might be the liter. It has perfume to it and it is dusty to so I'm changing that and going back to using just vinegar for cleaning. I've been buying their stuff from a pet store online and they have liter that clumps that is made totally from grass. How it clumps I haven't a clue but no smell to it, no dyes, no chemicals and no dust. It does cost more but I don't care. I don't want Pumpkin to end up going through what Popeye went through and I mentally could never handle it again.
    As far as the bed payment I owe.......I have decided I will not pay on it and will let my credit be ruined. I never had the money for it to begin with and since my brother won't give me the money there really isn't much I can do about. (I work for the family business but never got paid) My fur babies come first and maybe later on in life I can pay on it.

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    Re: Another sick fur baby

    I wish I could help.

    Stay safe

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