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New NIDDK Study Finds More Fungi in IC patients who are flaring

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  • New NIDDK Study Finds More Fungi in IC patients who are flaring

    We now have yet another study from the National Institutes of Health MAPP Research Network which has found an overgrowth of candida (and other fungi) in the urine of some IC patients. Last year, a study found 13 different fungi and the more types a patient had, the worse their pain and discomfort. Sooooo, please remember that a simple urine culture will only test for a small number of bacteria. It does not routinely test for fungi but Next Generation DNA Urine Testing does. Learn more about that at:

    A study published in April 2019 looked at the role of fungi in female IC patients. Researchers collected midstream urine samples from IC patients at the beginning of the study then again at six months and 12 months. Thirteen fungal species were found overall in the samples collected from 202 patients. Patients with more severe symptoms showed a greater fungal diversity as well as an increased pres- ence of Candida. Researchers con- cluded that their findings suggest that severity of urinary symptoms is associated with the presence of fungi in urine for some IC patients.

    Source: Nickel JC, et. al. Urinary fungi associated with urinary symptom severity among women with interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome (IC/BPS). World J. Urol. Feb. 2020, Epub April 26, 2019 Volume 38, No. 2.

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