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DNA program and antibiotic flares

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  • DNA program and antibiotic flares

    Hello friends,
    I have been working with my doctor and Microgen to do the DNA therapy and break up biofilms to target trapped bacteria in the bladder wall behind the biofilm. I am on round 7. Along the way much has been revealed as we go layer by layer. It is hard sometimes when it looks like we are getting to the "end" and six more show up. It is a lot of antibiotic therapy and some of the antibiotics CAUSE FLARES!
    Has this happened to you?? I think I was in so much pain that I hardly noticed this flaring before, but as I get slowly better - PLUS going on a no gluten AND anti-inflammatory diet (AMAZING DIFFERENCE) I can REALLY feel the flare now.
    Round 7 revealed 4 more bacteria and targeted treatment includes Sulfa and Clindamyacin. I started with the Sulfa yesterday and I was in a horrible flare in 45 minutes. It is just calming down now. I was feeling so good with the diet, almost pain free. I wonder if IV treatment would bypass this flare since it bypasses the digestive system?
    I am waiting to hear from my doctor, who is on vacation, to see what the alternatives might be.
    I cannot take the sulfa. I will try the clindamyacin in a few days. If I flare, I need an alternative. Or just stop treatment, at least for awhile.
    Thoughts? And especially can antibiotics cause flares? Which ones?
    Thank You!

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    Hi there!
    I Know your post is from back in September, but I am super curious as to how things are going for you? I had a DNA sequence test done through Microgen as well and my doctor put me on 10 days of 2 antibiotics based on my results. He is very unfamiliar with the DNA testing, but was good enough to try a round of antibiotics. I don't think they did anything because I don't feel any different. I'm wondering how long your doctor put you on each round of antibiotics before you had to get retested? My urologist really doesn't know the protocol. It's such a new technology and they don't have a lab here in Canada. I have to send the sample to the US.


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      Hello! Things are going well. Slow, but well. If your doctor does not know the protocol it will likely not go anywhere. MOST doctors have NO IDEA about any of this. The GURU is **** ****, MSN, APRN. I am working with her through my Urogynocologist Doctor (Dr Echols) and CNRP. (Andrea Martin) at Jefferson in Philadelphia. I don't actually know where Ruth is located but I am working with her through my CNRP. The protocol is very individualized for each person including lengths of time on antibiotics, which antibiotics to take in what order, which Biofilm Busters to use and when to take them (without Biofilm Busters none of this will work). I am going to try to paste a little YouTube video here of Ruth. If it doesn't work you can just google her. Also I think through TeleHealth visits you might be able to work with my docs, or maybe Ruth directly. BTW, I have suffered IC for 20 years. I am now on Round 9 (a year from starting) and I am about 80% pain free. We are not done yet though. The last round revealed a few more critter that came out from under the Biofilms. Apparently my body builds very strong Biofilms. I can tell you more about how all this works. The thing is you have to be patient because everytime you bust a Biofilm layer, more bacteria can emerge. So you may think you are almost done on round 3, and then a whole bunch more show up in round 4! Ok, here's the You Tube

      Hope that helps!!