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Infection triggered IC event.

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  • Infection triggered IC event.

    I had two UTIs one after the other in the last month. Actually I think that I never really got over the first one and it came back. I've developed a tolerance for macrobid and they gave me Cipro for this infection. I was not yet fully vaccinated, so the Dr gave me the prescription without seeing me. I use a UTI dipstick because it is hard to tell if I am dealing with a UTI or just an IC flare. Since the last UTI I have had constant bladder discomfort. I take Prelief with any acid foods. I've been able to control the IC for almost ten years with diet and Prelief. I'm just worried that this is the "new normal" for me with the IC now. I'm going to have to make an appointment with my urologist, now that I'm vaccinated. (I have RA and take two powerful immunisuppressants, so my Dr had me on really strict lockdown for a year!)