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What eye tests do I need?

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  • What eye tests do I need?

    I was on Elmiron for close to 12 years. Only 100mg per day, but am still very concerned after reading about the retina damage it could cause. So, I completely stopped taking Elmiron about a week ago. I will try OTC supplements if my IC comes back (so far, so good). I get ophthalmology exams yearly (eyes dilated) and am told my eyes are healthy. I've always been nearsighted (since about 3rd grade). Had Lasik in 2000. Since then I've had mild nearsightedness, as the Lasik couldn't correct my eyes all the way. But that is easily fixed with regular prescription glasses. Otherwise, no vision problems.

    I spoke to my ophthalmologist about the recent studies, linking Elmiron to retina damage. I sent her that 'Elmiron Fact Sheet'. She agreed to have me come in for an exam and an OCT. I asked if I can have the other tests done (the ones mentioned on the fact sheet ... FAF, NIR). She said "let's do the OCT first and go from there."

    So, my question for you all is ... No matter the results of the OCT, should I demand to have these other tests done (FAF and NIR)? Should I ask to see a retina specialist (which they have in the same office)? Should I have all these tests done every year, even if I never take Elmiron again?

    Also, I have read in some posts here and on other IC sites that patients get retina images done every year. They make it sound like they've had them done for a long time. Since these studies are somewhat recent, how did they know to have these done every year??

    Thanks in advance.
    - Traci

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    In my opinion (I'm not a medical professional) the most important thing is to have your eyes examined regularly. Then if there is any possible hint of a problem, ask for a referral to a retinal specialist, which is something nearly ophthalmologists do. Usually the eyes are dilated for examinations so the inside of the eye can be seen. I suggest you go with your ophthalmologist's suggestion.

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      Thank you Donna. I had my eye exam today. They did an OCT and some other vision tests. My doctor said I can "sleep easy" tonight. All looks good. She showed me the photos of my retina and said they look "perfect". She said I can still follow-up with one of their retina specialists if I want to (right there in the same practice). So I am going to do that, just to get their opinion and see if there are any other tests or follow-ups they recommend.