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Damage from short/shorter term use?

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  • ICNDonna
    There's a post, titled "New Elmiron Eye Disease Resource Center" that has links to information about possible eye damage from Elmiron.

    Even though it's been four years since you stopped taking it, I think you are wise to have regular eye examinations. I know it can be scary, but hopefully as more time goes by, that will ease.

    Sending gentle hugs,

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  • sav9
    started a topic Damage from short/shorter term use?

    Damage from short/shorter term use?

    Does anyone have eye damage due to shorter term use of Elmiron? I have read all the research I can, and it seems unclear (or unknown) whether shorter term use of this drug will lead to damage. I took Elmiron for 3 years (300mg/day). I stopped taking it 4 years ago when I got married and began trying for a child. Thankfully, I had that child and just never got around to resuming taking Elmiron.

    I saw a retinal specialist last month who did an OCT exams of my eyes, which showed no problems. He was kind enough to read through the research on Elmiron and eye disease beforehand, although acknowledged he'd seen no Elmiron patients in his practice. He did not have the technology to do an FAF test, but offered to send me to a larger center for one, although felt it was unnecessary as my OCT exam was fine. He said the future is really unknown whether my eyes have been spared or if I will develop problems down the road, but that he felt like if I were to have eye damage, it would be visible by now. Would love to hear from any other users of Elmiron who've taken it for just a few years. Thank you!