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  • ELMIRON AND beyond

    I took Elmiron for over 20 ;years. I have terrible eye sight. I have macular degeneration along with blurred vision, can't read without glasses. Can not see anything up close without glasses. Have real problems with low lights. I have glasses for long distance. My eyes are really bad and it is will bothering. I have considered a law suit against the Elmiron manufactures but don't know if it is worth all the pain.

    Along with the eye problems because I am off the Elmiron I am back to constant urine incontinence. I am in the bathroom at lease every couple hours day and night. I go through at least 5 pads a day due to accidents. My doc says we can try a bladder dilation but isn't sure that will help.

    I Am going CRAZY!!!!!
    esophagus spasams
    dyastalic disfuntion with stiffness of right heart valve
    lymphedema of left leg and ankle
    venous insufficensy
    Pelvic Floor Disorder-having pelvic Physical Therapy
    breast cancer 5 yrs remission
    swollowing difficulties have throat stretched
    Lots of medications more than 20 rx's
    Lots of doctors

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    I'm so sorry you are among those with eye problems --- that has to be extremely difficult to handle. Is your doctor talking about hydrodistention sometimes called over-distention? Some ICers are helped by this --- I'm in that group --- I don't know if it would help with incontinence, but it might be worth a try. I wish I could be of real help.

    Sending gentle hugs,
    Stay safe

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