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First cases going to trial in September

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  • cynb2003
    THANK YOU for all you do!!!

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  • icnmgrjill
    started a topic First cases going to trial in September

    First cases going to trial in September

    Apparently the first few lawsuits are going to trial this fall and we are hoping for the best. Now the bad news. Never would I have thought that I would see my name, and the ICN, on a federal subpoena but earlier this Spring that happened. The attorneys for the manufacturer requested a massive amount of information... everything that we had written about pigmentary maculopathy, all of our messaging about this, articles in our magazines, data from our survey, communications with the FDA etc. etc. I gave them everything that I had knowing that I am absolutely proud of the role that I played in sharing this information with patients and developing data that was given to the FDA in support of a warning. Dr. Phil Hanno, former Chair of the AUA committee for IC/BPS, shared that our study was excellent work.

    You see, I believe in informed consent. It's very important for patients to understand the potential risks AND benefits of therapies that they are considering. I could not sit on the information. You had the right to know about this. Sadly, I had to hire my own attorney and have had to pay out about $20K so far for this with no hope for compensation. I am NOT a party to the lawsuit. There will be no chance for me to recover my attorneys fees. So, if you think that the work we did was important, please consider making a donation to the ICN.

    Let's hope for a swift and encouraging outcome.

    Jill O.