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Pros & Cons of Bladder Removal

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  • Pros & Cons of Bladder Removal

    I would really like to hear from some of you that have either had their bladders removed or have been told that they should consider having their bladder removed.

    I just got out of the hospital this week, they put me in on Monday due to a horrible flare for pain and he did a cysto and hydro on me on Tuesday and they released me on Wednesday. On Tuesday before the surgery, he told me that he just feels like I should have the bladder taken out. He also told me this 5 years ago.

    Long story short, I am not opposed to having to do that at some point in my life, but I do not believe that it is time to do that and when I know that the week before I had 5 WONDERFUL PAIN FREE days , why at the age of 46 would I even want to consider that option?

    He is the only uro that has ever recommended me doing that and it seems when he has no other answer, that is the suggestion.

    On Wednesday morning when he sat down to talk to me and I told him about the 5 pain free days, he asked what happened and I explained that I had done a lot of traveling over the weekend and during that week and I was in a really bad flare.

    Long story short, I think that it is the pain meds that is his biggest concern and that if we yank the bladder then I will no longer need those.

    Funny, I didn't need them those 5 WONDERFUL PAIN FREE DAYS nor do I need them when I am not having pain and most of the time I take a half rather than a whole IF I have to take one.

    I am currently taking heparin instills weekly and pt weekly for PFD and also have vulvadynia.

    I just let him talk and tears just rolled down my checks because I was in shock with what he was saying as I was about to go into surgery and had been in bad pain all night.

    Also, please keep us in your prayers, my husband was reorganized out of his job at the end of 2006 and to date has not been able to get another job. He currently has resumes out all over our state and all the bordering states.

    I love this place and I am so thankful to finally have someone to talk to about this disease.

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    There are several members who post who have had their bladders removed. I'm sure they'll be chiming in here real soon to share with you their personal experiences.
    About midway down the forum page you'll find the bladder removal and bladder augmentation and repair forums; perhaps you'll find some answers there as well.

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      Thanks for the info on the forum and for taking the time to read my question.