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  • Symptom Free for 3 years

    I remember when I was first diagnosed and I felt like my entire world was crashing down around me. As you all know, the pain is indescribable and you feel like you are such a burden to be around; and it seems helpless. I remember being depressed, scared; nearly suicidal. My journey to health was personal and I write to only share my experience to hopefully encourage those of you trying to get a grasp on this thing called IC. I've read some of your testimonies and everyone seems to agree that positive thinking and good moods, lesson symptoms. I focused all of my energy on healing; on getting well. Every time I felt symptoms (which in the beginning is all of the time) I would picture myself well. This was the beginning. I also started practicing Bikram Yoga which is a 90 minute class done in a heated room. I was unable to stay in the room for the whole class in the beginning (needed to leave to use the restroom)...but after a couple of weeks, I could last the whole class. My instructor was a nurse for 20 years and she was extremely nurturing. She talked about strengthening the bladder wall and pelvic floor, so immediately I was hooked. The class is so engaging that you have no choice but to focus on what you are doing (& to have your mind off of your IC for 90 minutes is a miracle). I practiced the class 4 to 5 times per week and after five months I went to the training to become a certified teacher. I have now been 100% symptom free and am able to eat and drink what ever I choose. I'm in no way saying this is the magic cure for this ailment, but I am suggesting that through positive thought, deep breathing, and concentrated effort...conditions can improve dramatically. I wish all of you health, happiness, joy, and PEACE. I would love to answer any questions, Jodi.
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    Thank you for sharing your very positive story! It gives a lot of hope for recovery and healing.


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      I am so happy that you found what works for you. I hope you continue to do better and better. Thank you for sharing.

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