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  • What Birth Control Works?

    I've posted a lot on Yasmin being a diuretic and not working for me. What birth control pills work for everyone? I've heard of Ovcon 35 being the best for IC, but I'm afraid to begin a new bc pill. I never had IC flares until I got on birth control so I might be better off getting off totally to see how my body reacts, but I'm just curious as to what HAS worked for everyone.
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    Altough I have had IC symptoms in the past my main issue is urinary retention - I am DESPERATE for an answer. I have to self-cath every time I go to the bathroom and have been since 2000. I feel helpless. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Interstim Trial on 12/21/07 - Didn't work so no InterStim for me


    Worked - Ditropan 15mg (and helps you sleep!) Off it now though

    Didn't Work - Vesicare, Enablex, Detrol

    Macrobid 50mg/day for to ward off infections
    Self-Cath (can't go on my own!) for retention
    Birth Control - Nothing- Quit Yasmin (It's a Diuretic!)

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    Loestrin 24 FE works for me

    I've been taking Loestrin 24 FE for about 9 months with no ill effects on my IC. It has reduced the IC symptoms I experienced with my period significantly, because my periods are now very light and very short. I used to be extra miserable during my period and am so glad not to experience that any more. My doctors (uro and gyn) agreed that I should take the Loestrin for a cycle before I started Elavil so they could see if addressing the gyno issues helped my IC symptoms (I have endo and fibroids). They actually said two cycles would be better, but I was too miserable to wait any longer. During that month I really didn't see any improvement in my IC symptoms except that my period wasn't so bad.

    Once I started Elavil I got huge improvement in my overall IC symptoms and I don't even dread my periods anymore! I haven't gotten to the point I can wear tampons again, but I don't really need them as my periods are so light a panty liner is sufficient. Hope this helps!


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      I take Seasonale (or Jolessa which is the generic) and I only get my period once every 3 months. I know a lot of women are reluctant to take it cos it seems a bit unnatural, but I've been on it for over 3 years with no adverse effects on my IC. Plus my periods are super super light and I only have cramps for a day or two. It is a pretty high dosage, so I take it at night to avoid any possible nausea. Just something you might want to consider or talk to your doctor about.

      Good luck finding something that works for you!


      Just diagnosed w/PFD - Oh Boy!

      What I have tried: Elmiron, Lyrica, ,Methadone, Vicodin, Norco, Cystoprotek, imipramine, xanax, hydroxizine, trazadone, a bunch of anti-spasmotics and more I'm sure I can't remember.

      What I'm presently on:
      Noritriptyline 25 mg
      OxyContin 20 mg AM - 10 mg afternoon - 20 mg PM
      Zanaflex 2 mg at bedtime
      Percocet PRN for breakthrough
      Nasonex (allergies)
      Jolessa (b.c.)
      Physical Therapy 2x weekly

      Be my buddy?


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        I take Seasonique where the last row has a little bit of estrogen. It is similar to Seasonale, except that Seasonale has a placebo row. They both are 3 months and since my periods were killing me (suspected endo), they switched me from ortho-tri-cyclin to Seasonique. The first 3 months my body had to adjust, but after that I'm fine. No ill effects on my bladder and it's nice going 3 months without a period.
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          I have had trouble with alot of b/control pills and my Elimron. With rashes and finally have found something I can take it loestrin FE 24 and I have been on them for 2 months now and no rashes and my periods are not as bad. I still hurt but I guess that comes with the IC and periods. I hope you find something to work for you soon. Talk with your doctor and maybe they will give you some free to try so you do not have to keep spending money on ones that do not work. I hope this helps. Bamafan


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            I take orthonovum 1/50-28 it works well for my IC but not my periods. So I guess it depends on what you use it for most.

            Medical "Issues":
            Tachycardia(resting rate is 125-130 )
            Tramadol-as needed (IC)-50mg
            Elmiron 200mg twice a day
            Levsin .125mg 1-2 pills 4 times a day


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              No symptoms with flow during period, anyone else?

              Hi all,

              I feel like I know many of you. I have been reading these posts for about 2 years and have gained MUCH from everyone. This web site is a godsend .

              Was diagnosed based on symptoms about a year ago (about 1 year of standard uro "ruling out other possibilities"). Definitive IC diagnosis in Feb based on cysto with hydrostension. Had instillations and am currently on Elmiron (working pretty well for me - definitely more so the longer I am on it )

              I keep seeing that people seem most distressed DURING their periods, whereas I have my worst symptoms leading up to my period (week before) but when the flow starts, I am completely symptom free for a couple of days. During that day or two, in fact, I can eat as I please (and drink!) with no flare.

              I also usually have bad symptoms during ovulation (1 day). This hormonal connection intrigues me. Saw my gyn this week, and he is suggesting I go back on the pill (had been on for about 10 years since children born, but got off 1 year ago, after IC symptoms worsened to try to puzzle out what all was affecting me. Didn't need it so much for birth control anymore, if you know what I mean!! My poor husband...)

              Gyn thinks low-dose pill might ease symptoms during ovulation and pre-menstrual week.

              My questions for folks are these two:

              1) Does anyone else experience a complete cessation of IC symptoms on first day of period?

              2) Has anyone gone on the pill in order to reduce IC symptoms, and did it work?

              Hugs to all from


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                Hi Adela!

                I have been on birth control for over 7 years. I had horrible periods (suspicion of endometriosis they were so bad) and so they put me on ortho-tri-cyclin when I was 17. It took a few months, but then my periods were wonderful (couldn't feel a thing actually). Then out of nowhere, I started to get pain with them again, progressively worse every month. The first day cripples me. The week before, my entire menstruating life, I always had to urinate more. They figured it was hormonal or inflammation from ovulation. I would say my need to urinate doubles before my period hits. Lately, once it hits, I'm in excruciating pain, and then after 2 days or so, I get better. My doctor believes I do indeed have endo. They switched me from otho-tri-cyclin to Seasonique because I had a whole bunch of cysts, and on exam they hurt (left ovary). I have been on Seasonique for a few months now and my periods come every 3 months now (thank God) which is what they wanted due to the pain and how it affects my bladder. On top of that, my cysts, after just 3 months on that BCP, have vanished and physical exams are not as painful.

                So... the BCP helps my IC in the sense that the week before it hits (the week where I have a diuretic effect and pee my brains out) comes only every 3 months... and that pain with my periods are lessened and less often as well.

                I hope this helped!
                [SIZE="1"][B]Be well, Alyssa :hi:[/B]



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                  Article - If the pill is OK for you, then no period is OK

                  Thought this article might apply to this thread and be interesting to someone.

                  If the pill is OK for you, then no period is OK
                  CHICAGO TRIBUNE - Jul. 01, 2007

                  Q. The FDA just approved a new birth-control pill that stops a woman's period. Are there health risks associated with suppressing the normal menstruation process?

                  -- Rochester, Minn.

                  A. The Food and Drug Administration's recent approval of a continuous-use birth-control pill to minimize periods did draw a lot of attention. Oral contraceptives have been used for more than 40 years and are considered safe for most women.

                  Minimizing menstrual bleeding doesn't harm health. In some cases, continuous-use birth-control pills will benefit a woman's health. They can help improve symptoms of cycle-related headaches, premenstrual syndrome and endometriosis, a painful disorder of the reproductive system. These conditions can be debilitating.

                  The pills also can be used for convenient menstrual timing. Some studies have shown that only one-third of women would prefer monthly periods; the remaining two-thirds are divided between a preference for quarterly periods and no periods at all.

                  The idea of manipulating menstrual cycles is not new. Last year the FDA approved a birth-control regimen designed to result in four periods a year. For years, doctors have taught women to minimize periods using typical estrogen-progestin pills.

                  Traditionally, women take birth-control pills with a combination of progestin and estrogen for 21 days. For the next seven days, women take placebo pills without hormones.

                  During that week, menstruation starts and the accumulated uterine lining comes out as menstrual flow.

                  When women skip the placebo pills and begin the next round of progestin-estrogen pills, the menstrual period doesn't occur. The consistent hormone levels prevent the need to shed the uterine lining. Many women can successfully and safely eliminate bleeding for months or even years.

                  Some women may experience spotting or breakthrough bleeding after starting any oral contraceptives, whether in the traditional monthly fashion or continuously. This is not a cause for alarm or a reason to stop the pills. A health-care provider can tell women how to handle such bleeding.

                  Through the years, side effects from birth-control pills have been minimized without loss of effectiveness with decreasing hormone doses. Although all birth-control pills are considered safe, they aren't entirely risk-free, nor are they appropriate for everyone. Several health conditions may rule out birth-control pills.

                  Before starting any such regimen, each woman needs to discuss her health history with a health-care provider. For optimal effectiveness and safety, the pills need to be taken exactly as directed.

                  -- Petra Casey, MD, obstetrics and gynecology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.


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                    Originally posted by Shana1234
                    I've posted a lot on Yasmin being a diuretic and not working for me.
                    I currently take Yasmin and have bad IC pain. Do you think the Yasmin makes it worse? Should I switch to another BC?
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