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  • Can any one help

    My wife has been fighting a uti for 2 months and don't get any relief from antibotics. Cultures are neg. She went to a urologist about 25 years ago and said it was so painful that she won't go back. my question is has any body been to a urologist recently and do they have any better procedures now days or is it still as bad as years ago. if anyone knows could you please let me know. thank you. Ed

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    First of all, she does need to see a urologist. Most of the people on the IC Network forums see their urologists regularly. One thing she can do is to make an appointment to talk about different methods of reaching a diagnosis. Any invasive tests can be scheduled for a later date. It can also be important that you go with her to offer encouragement and support.

    If cultures are negative, it's very unlikely that she has an infection.


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      Need Help

      First, I agree with Donna. You're wife does need to see a Urologist.
      I just wanted to add that I also had very negative experiences with Uros a long time ago and was afraid to go to see one. I finally did though because I had to, and I found that their approach was much more gentle than in the past. As of now, I would have to say that my Urologist is one of my favorite doctors. Never thought I would say that.
      I hope that helps a little .
      Let us know what happens.


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        I have had more than my fair share of bad uros. But she really does NEED one. Obviously if you are here seeking support for her then she knows you'll be there to help with uro appts. After the last one I saw I didn't want to see another one but I knew I had to. It wasn't an option to continue my life the way it's been going. I think (hope) I've finally found someone who knows what he's doing. But it's going to take time just to get the proper tests done. If it makes her feel any better, I've never gone to any uro and had them do an invasive type test on the first visit. Those types of tests generally have to be scheduled. I totally understand the fear. But you need to ask her, if she doesn't do this, what IS she going to do? Unfortunately, IC doesn't seem to get better and go away on it's own. I think everyone here wishes it would, then we'd just wait it out. She can absolutely email me if she has any specific questions. I don't have all the answers but I understand being scared and I've just had a VERY positive experience with a new uro, which I didn't think was possible. Good luck to you both.
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          You do not say if you wife has IC. I hope she doesn't.

          If the cultures are just the dip stick done in the doctor's office, they may not be showing an infection. I usually do not show an infection with just the dip stick test. My cultures need to be sent to the lab and they further test for infection. They also check to see which antibiotic can best kill the infection.


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            Certainly things have come a long way in 25 years, and if a uro treats her badly, you move on. Definitely something you want to get resolved or at least get a diagnosis. Many have very positive experiences with their uros, they're not ALL bad. If she doesn't want to do something, it is her right to say no. But you want her to feel better, and going with her to the appt is always a bonus. It should not intimidate the doc, but he/she may be much more careful in how they want to approach things. Do not let them kick you out of the exam, unless your wife wants it that way. Usually the first visit is a lot of talking anyway. Try to go with her to every visit, stay in the room with her, she was obviously traumatized those many years ago. Tell her not to be afraid, things have def changed since then. Let us know how things go. Jill, wife of Bob


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              Thank you everyone for all the help, i will keep you posted on the out come. Thanks again. Ed


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                I really didn't get any help until I saw a wonderful urogynecologist. He sent me for pelvic floor physical therapy and that has made a huge difference in my life.


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                  People with IC will always have microscopic blood in their urine. It is often treated as a UTI when it is not. Your wife may not have a UTI and the antibiotics do cause some people with IC more pain. They have come a long way with treatments and meds, urge her to see a urologist.