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I had to make DRASTIC diet changes, but my symptoms are almost gone.

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  • I had to make DRASTIC diet changes, but my symptoms are almost gone.

    (Note from ICNDonna: The ICN recommends books written by medical professionals, such as the IC Survival Guide by Robert Moldwin or Ending Female Pain by Isa Herrerra PT. The books mentioned in this posting are not, that we are aware of, supported by any IC research studies. Fermented foods can be a problem for many IC patients. We recommend the IC diet developed by professionals who actually have interstitial cystitis.)

    I'm 34 years old, 5'9", 127 lbs., mother of three, wife to a patient and loving man, and very happy.

    I know this website has to flag certain books and products as untested or not-endorsed. The books that changed my whole life, I'm sure, are on the list. In fact, they won't even allow the author's last name of the one book to be listed here, but I hope someone will listen to me anyway. I was pregnant in 2008 and about the most depressed I've ever been in my life. Most people in this forum will know exactly why - new unbearable symptoms, vague explanations, little hope. I don't even like to revisit the state of mind I was in.

    My baby was born, and contrary to my hopes for improvement, things got worse. I tried a few drugs and a few diet changes and got worse still. I was losing all hope until my dear sister-in-law was so worried about me that she bought me the first book that helped - it's one that gets thrown out by many mainstream followers, almost like it's a dirty word - Recovering from Interstitial Cystitis by Catherine S. While I feel that book is a Godsend for any desperate IC sufferer, offering many wonderful methods of comfort and relief, for me it was just the beginning. It sent me on the trail to the book that I feel really helped me overhaul my body - The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates. Unlike the first book which recommends some things which I can understand would spark controversy, I can't see how anyone can find fault with Body Ecology - it basically just proposes a different way to eat.

    Both books helped me see my IC in this way: Imagine that you have a reservoir that has become acidic. So volatile that it is eating holes in the dam which holds it. Do you call in the best scientists and builders to reinforce the dam, or do you examine the cause of the caustic water? After what I learned from my books, It seemed to me that going to a urologist for IC is not unlike calling in dam specialists for the acid reservoir. The bladder just happens to be where the pain is manifesting - my understanding of MY symptoms is that my whole body was incredibly imbalanced.

    In our modern world, we expect convenience and quick fixes. Unfortnately, an illness like IC is not something that can be fixed by a magic pill. It takes a LOT of sacrifice, work, dedication, lifestyle change, and prayer to get the body to pull out of a rut like IC - but I am proof that it can be done. Though I still have occasional mild symptoms which do worsen if I eat poorly for a stretch of time, Body Ecology was the answer for me. When symptoms do reappear, I revisit soothing methods provided in the Catherine S. book and get my diet back on track, but as you can see - I am in control of my body. I am also drug-free. I don't even take any drugs for headaches or colds - but as my body is so much better balanced and my immunity so much better, I don't get headaches or colds as often anyway. Truly, the produce aisle is my pharmacy.

    Oh, and my body is leaner and more beautiful than ever before - even high school which I thought I would never out-do.

    I will warn that Body Ecology is a DRASTIC change from what most people are used to - it's all about lots of vegetables, no wheat, no sugar, lots of cultured/fermented foods and home preparation, etc., but if you are in enough pain like I was, the sacrifice is DEFINITELY worth it. It becomes easier with practice, and it gets less strict once you are rebalanced. Please, please, investigate this for yourself. Aside from being elated to have helped even one person, I don't have anything to gain if you take my advice. I have just felt it was my duty to God who blessed me with this information to share it with people here.
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    Thank you so much for posting this! You are truly an inspiration.. is the body ecology diet similiar to the yeast free diet?


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      I stick with the IC diet is it like that?

      Also doe's anyone know if the IC bladder can go to mild or go for the worst.
      I have moderate to severe IC I will not see my uro for two weeks was just wondering if that can happen, or will my bladder always be moderate/severe?
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