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Antibiotics for tooth issue

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  • sshannon74074
    Septra DS seems to be the easiest on my bladder. Don't know if this will work for a tooth ache though, ask your doc.

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  • amanda.d
    started a topic Antibiotics for tooth issue

    Antibiotics for tooth issue

    Sorry if I post this in an area it shouldn't have been. This seemed most appropriate at the moment.
    I was wondering you guys might share with me the types of antibiotics that cause no flare, to little symptoms for you.
    I am having problems with a tooth, and the doctor wants me to try another type of antibiotic other than Cipro.
    I took 1 Clindomycin (spelling may be wrong) and am burning in the bladder at the moment. Any other suggestions on what you found effective/ineffective for antibiotics. Please remember this is not for a UTI but for a tooth I just had a root canal done on. Trying not to lose my tooth.
    Thanks in advance
    Amoxicillin is a no go as well. It sets me "on fire" with in 30 mintues of taking it