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A bit of encouraging reading.

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  • A bit of encouraging reading.

    I love this forum, mainly because there is a place for everyone to express thier views, whether we follow conventional medicne or if we prefer to try natural remedies. Thanks so much all you lovely Americans for being so open minded. Back here across the pond its a different story. Our forum is controlled very strictly as its a charity funded by the medical profession and any attemt to suggest anything alternate like accupuncutre, tea etc just gets shot down in flames, in fact its got to the point where if we try and post anything that is not advocating drugs the message is deleated.
    One of our posters who has had great success with herbal treatments has finally given up trying to suggest that there are complimentary ways of healing yourself, if you are brave enough to try them, and has decided to just start a blog instead of facing being censored. As she has never posted on here she asked me to just put the link to her blog which I am glad to do.
    She has had a great deal of success over the past year and wanted to share with everone to just encourage sufferers, to build up moral and to see if perhaps she would be a bit more welcome here.
    She is just a young student but her blog is really interesting. Please feel free to visit it at
    Hiya, Its been a while since I posted, I am currently doing a degree so don't have much internet time on my hands (unless it revolves aroun...
    Every time things start getting tough, I just put on my Big Girl Pants and get on with it