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Seasonique Caused IC-like Symptoms

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  • Seasonique Caused IC-like Symptoms

    Hello everyone,

    I've never posted on the forums here, but spent several agonizing months earlier this year reading just about every thread. I wanted to share my story, because I think there might be a small chance some of you may benefit from my experience. If I help even ONE person, I'll be absolutely delighted!

    In January of this year I began taking Seasonique birth control pills. Previously, I had taken Quasense (a generic form of Seasonale), but had been having significant issues with breakthrough bleeding. My doctor recommended trying a sample pack of Seasonique. I thought it wasn't a big deal, as the hormonal formulation is identical to that of Quasense.

    About a month later, I first began experiencing IC-like symptoms. I thought at first that I had a bladder infection, and was treated with Macrobid. The symptoms persisted and I was referred to a urologist. Subsequent urinalysis showed no signs of infection. I also saw my gynecologist, had an ultrasound performed, a CT scan, an IVP, and countless rounds of bloodwork to try and rule out everything else. My urologist ultimately diagnosed me with IC. I mentioned that I had recently changed birth control pills to all of the doctors I visited, but each of them discounted the pill as a potential cause. I was reticent to accept this diagnosis, as I'm only 23 and had never had a single bladder issue (not even an infection) until this year. I didn't want to begin taking any of the drugs typically prescribed to IC patients until I was absolutely certain there wasn't some cause I wasn't pinpointing.

    After exhaustive research and many sleepless nights, I came across a post by a young woman on MedHelp. She, too, had begun experiencing IC-like symptoms shortly after beginning Seasonique. We communicated via email, and I decided to discontinue taking the pill. Within 2 weeks I felt significantly better; 2 months later I feel 95% healed. She felt completely better 3 months after stopping the pill.

    I feel very grateful to have found such a simple solution to an issue that was beginning to destroy my life. I spent ridiculous amounts of money on doctor appointments and tests which were all ultimately futile. I couldn't leave my apartment some days, and missed a lot of work. I felt devastated and very confused.

    If you see any correlation between taking Seasonique and your symptoms, it might not hurt to try going off the pill (or at least changing pills). I realize many of you take birth control pills in an effort to control symptoms, so this is likely not a solution for most women.

    I hope that I've helped someone by sharing this. Please feel free to ask me questions, if you'd like.

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    report it

    Make sure you report story to FDA and to the company. Thanks
    I got IC in 1970! I was not diagnosed until 1991. I've tried many drugs and therapies but I tend to only resort to drugs when in a flare because when I am not in a flare (from being good on diet), I suffer only from small bladder volume (like about 7 ozs.) and peeing will relieve the discomfort. When I am feeling relatively normal, I say to myself I am glad I am not on a drug. When I am in a flare, I say, why am I not on a drug! I've recently have been trying to solve my connective issue problems in general. I look to diet and herbs mostly unless it gets really bad. I still think there is great hope for each individual finding a path to healing and there are many.


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      Many of us have problems with birth control. If it is your only one you are lucky to have discovered it. Just a reminder... it may not be the ingredients in the pill. For me it was the COLOR! My poor bladder was flared by yellow (only discovered after ALCAT testing and years of elimination type diets) coloring. I also cannot do any dark blue, green or red or pink! All my pills are white, are ambien light blue. I actually have seasonique (3 free months) but wont try it. I can't tell if the pills are blue or green! So I figure better safe than sorry! Good luck!


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        birth control pills?

        DX. in nov. of 2010. Neither myself of my whole genetic family has ever had bladder problems. ( those whom I can get answers from ) I've have been thinking that my long history of many medications are the reason I have IC. I have been on premarin for about 12 years. Had a hystersctomy in 1997. later started having tachycardia and this seemed to help alot.
        I'm thinking of asking my DR. to reduce the dosage of the premarin and maybe weaning me off of it.


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          wow seasonique huh im thinking depo provera contributed to mine i need to look up the studies
          Newly IC diagnosed as of February 2011.

          Medications I'm on that seem to work:
          Zoloft- one once a day

          Failed Meds:
          Elmiron-after 4 months,digestive side effects got to be too much
          DMSO treatments(5-6)

          THERAPIES:gardening,cooking,IC Diet,Counseling,Lots of warm baths,stress reduction,heating pad or ice packs,meditation/deep breathing,listening to relaxing music,having fun on pain free days,drinking chamomile or peppermint tea,pelvic floor physical therapy
          Village Naturals Aches and Pains Peppermint Bath Salts
          Johnson and Johnsons Lavender Melt Away Stress Body Wash/Lotion

          Significant pain relief so far.

          MAY TRY:yoga,swimming/hydrotherapy and anti-candida diet if i can kick my sugar addiction

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            Thank you


            I started taking seasonique at the beginning of June this year. I don't need BC pills as we are done having kids, just taking them to regulate my cycles. Exactly one week after I started taking them I started with what I thought to be a UTI. Went to Dr and was given Keflex. The "infection" came back as soon as I was done with the meds, though the symptoms never went away while taking the meds. So a month and a half later, 10 days of keflex, 7 days of cipro, 10 days of Suprax, and 7 days of bactrim I was still having symptoms. They told me to go see a urologist. I scheduled an appointment but can't be seen for 3 weeks.

            In the mean time I was desperately reviewing the internet for any solution that could help me last until the appointment. I came another post on a community sight that led me to think the BC pills could be causing it. Then I searched that and found your story. THANK YOU! I can't say it enough. I stopped taking the pills that very day and now 3 days later I am already symptom free. Your story has helped me so much. I never would have thought that my pills were causing this awful mess. I'd take a bad monthly cycle over this pain any day!



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              Re: Seasonique Caused IC-like Symptoms

              I too took Seasonique but a generic form and had IC symptoms. The generic was Daysee. When I took regular Seasonique I was fine but with Daysee I became symptomatic within a month or two. I had knee pain as well as terrible IC pain and pelvic floor dysfunction. I unfortunately did not put two and two together until several months had passed. I need Seasonique for my horribly painful periods so I didn't want to believe this could be the cause. I then decided I would stop Daysee and see if there was a difference. Within a month there was a significant decrease in IC pain and pelvic floor pain. After two months off I am almost totally symptomatic free and can again eat foods I previously enjoyed without having a catastrophic IC flare . I ended one painful disease to go back to painful periods. This is more manageable that constant IC pain and blue urine from the meds.


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                Re: Seasonique Caused IC-like Symptoms

                I AM SO GRATEFUL to you in this thread. I started having IC symptoms within 2 weeks of starting Seasonique. First I was put on antibiotics when my GP assumed a UTI. When that didn't clear up the constant pain, I went on Azo which didn't help. I was then put on another antibiotic and a medication that stops bladder spasms. Nothing worked and no doctor made the Seasonique connection. Then I found you ladies. Thank you. After suffering in constant discomfort and fear for 3 weeks, I stopped Seasonique. I was feeling better within a couple days and fully healed in 3-4.


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                  Re: Seasonique Caused IC-like Symptoms

                  Hi all! Okay so I was put on Seasonique back in 2009 to help with pms symptoms. Within 1 week, I began having ic symptoms. I had all the tests done and no infections. Yet they put me on rounds and rounds of antibiotics. I had everything from cat scans to filling bladder test done (I forget the name). I told them about the birth control over and over and they dismissed it as a potential cause. I ended up taking 90 days worth because I whole heartedly trusted my gyni. The pain got so unbearable I went the hospital, urologists and honestly thought about suicide. It is now 2017 and I still have all the ic symptoms. I now see a pain management doctor but my symptoms are a daily fight. Thank you so much for making me feel understood in all this. I am so so thankful also for a wonderful husband and 2 amazing daughters. They have been my constant support. Please pray that I will be healed...thanks!


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                    Re: Seasonique Caused IC-like Symptoms

                    I think IC is soo hormonal related and I relate to this post. I had to get my mirena IUD removed after suddenly getting bladder pain without ever having a history. After 2 months of having it out I was back to my normal then I inserted Nuvaring. Now two months in the IC symptoms are returning. UGHHH


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                      Re: Seasonique Caused IC-like Symptoms

                      Ladies... since you've all had reactions to Seasonique, I strongly encourage you to file a report with the FDA so that they can investigate further. Who knows? Maybe they already have hundreds of complaints about it! It's worth the effort if not just to protect and inform future generations about the potential dangers of this product. I couldn't find any reports of urinary side effects with it but that doesn't mean they aren't happening.

                      Report an adverse event or problem with an FDA-regulated product to a Consumer Complaint Coordinator.

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                        Re: Seasonique Caused IC-like Symptoms

                        Hi, I did reach out to the FDA when I first realized what was going on. They told me that in order to report it, they would require the original package as well as the serial number off of the Seasonique package. Without it, they will not accept any complaint. So frustrating!


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                          Re: Seasonique Caused IC-like Symptoms

                          Hi guys. Thank you for sharing the info.
                          I don’t know much about birth control. But when I was taking Multi-vitamins and elevit before I was pregnant, I started to get UTI/ IC symptoms, i then went to my GP and was prescribed with antibiotics, I stopped them while I was on antibiotics and I was symptom-free. But I get them again when I start the elevit.


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                            Re: Seasonique Caused IC-like Symptoms

                            Originally posted by kera328
                            Hi guys. Thank you for sharing the info.
                            I don’t know much about birth control. But when I was taking Multi-vitamins and elevit before I was pregnant, I started to get UTI/ IC symptoms, i then went to my GP and was prescribed with antibiotics, I stopped them while I was on antibiotics and I was symptom-free. But I get them again when I start the elevit.
                            The fact that you were taking multi-vitamins and had symptoms --- and that the symptoms stopped after stopping the vitamins points to a possibility that the vitamins could have been the problem. There's a multi-vitamin developed specifically for IC patients (MULTIRIGHT) available in the ICN Shop. You might want to consider those.

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                              Re: Seasonique Caused IC-like Symptoms

                              Thank you Donna for sharing it! Im really glad you told me that and I’ll go and look for it! thank you!