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  • IC Diagnosis?

    Was anyone here diagnosed with IC after just a cystoscopy? I have always been under the impression that it can only be diagnosed with a hydrolation. I had both before I was given a diagnosis in writing. I know someone who tells me she was diagnosed after only a cystoscopy, but I thought that most urologists insisted on a hydrolation. Is she telling me right?


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    It's possible I am sure. My Uro pretty much told me I had IC even before my cysto w/ hydro. Everything else had been ruled out so there was only IC left. I think because it's fairly 'new' the IC umbrella can be quite wide as far as the variety of conditions people with IC have.

    While doing my cysto even before the hydro you could see (I have pictures) how trashed my bladder lining was. It looks like a red moon or a planet. That alone told him I had IC. My hydro was just to see why my bladder looked like that. In my case when my bladder expands the lining does not causing it to tear each time it fills with urine.


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      Yes, it's possible. However, when I had my first cystoscopy early in the search for a diagnosis my bladder looked normal and healthy. The IC didn't show until my bladder was distended under anesthesia.

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        Some doctors are comfortable making a diagnsosis based on symptoms alone and by excluding other causes for the symptoms. I had a terrible time recovering from the hydro, so I wish that I and my doctor had chosen a more conservative route to diagnosis. Additionally, hydrodistension of the bladder may aid in making a diagnosis, but it is not a defnitive test for IC. Well, I hope now that your friend has a diagnosis she is on her way to finding a treatment plan that helps her.


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          IC Diagnosis?

          Thank you all for your replies. I was thinking maybe she wasn't being truthful with me because my experience was so different, but I realize now that it is valid. Thank you again!