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IC Sufferers in Utah?

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  • IC Sufferers in Utah?

    It has been awhile since I've asked this, so I thought I would try again to see if there are any fellow IC sufferers on this board who live here in Utah. There is no active support group here and it would be nice to touch base with someone close by who knows what I am going through.


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    I'm in Utah!

    So, no you're not alone!!

    Where are you in Utah? Would love to hear your story and what's helped and hasn't. I've had IC going on ten years, after my uterus ruptured into my bladder, after giving birth to my third child. I had to have 400 stitches to reattach my bladder which caused a lot of adhesions as well.

    Right now, I am just plowing through the pain with ice packs, heat packs, Motrin and exercise. Some days, it's worse than others, but am trying to deal with it best I can.

    I go on a med. cruise next month to Greece and Italy and feel a little nervous, because of all the rich foods, so trying to work with that.

    My mother also has this, and at first, I was in complete denial because of the horror stories she told me, but I have learned to accept it, but not just "live with it." I think there are some emotional issues that has also triggered IC for me as well, so working on that too.

    Would love to talk to someone who understand the pain and frustration!

    Take Care,


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      Dear Julia:

      I am so glad that I don't seem to be the only one in Utah! I am in Provo. Where are you?

      I don't know about you, but I have searched and searched for support groups in Utah and there just don't seem to be any. There was one that was in Salt Lake for a little while, but it was a long way to drive and it was hard for me to find someone to go with me. It eventually fizzled anyway. I occasionally post here looking for other Utah sufferers who would understand what I go through because there just doesn't seem to be anyone close by. I am single, I live alone, and my family is not particularly supportive or understanding. It is difficult for people to believe that I am in pain when they can't see anything wrong with me. I can't believe how many people offer me things to eat that I know will cause me pain or discomfort, no matter how often I explain that I can't eat those things. It's just really hard to not be employed and having everyone pressure me about working or going to school. There seems to be a high expectation for me to be doing something that my pain-plagued body is so incapable of handling. I feel like people seem to think that this is something mental and I just need to stop being such a wimp.

      Can you relate to any of this?



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        Susan, I'm not in Utah but I can totally relate about the family not being supportive. It's so dissapointing that family is there when you are healthy and fun to be around but when you are in pain all the time they are no where to be found.