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Progesterone only mini pill has helped!!

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  • Progesterone only mini pill has helped!!

    I have had symptoms of pain and frequency for 2 years now and after cystoscopy etc. have been diagnosed with IC/pbs. Over the past 2 years no treatment has even touched my symptoms. One of my most annoying symptoms is the fact that my pelvic muscles feel tight and I have to push to pee and my flow stops and starts and I don't fully empty (so PFD basically). Anyway, I often notice an improvement in symptoms during my period. I mentioned this to my doctor who said that this may be because the higher levels of progesterone at this time of the month help to relax my pelvic muscles. So I suggested I try using the mini pill (progesterone only). I'm not 100% better but am perheps 20% better! Now I rarely have to push to pee and the flow is steady. And as a bonus my period is only 2 days long now and very light!
    So, there's an idea you could try. Also, the fact that it is the same hormone every day means your hormones are more steady all month which might prevent flares for some people.

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    Straining to urinate is never good --- it will almost always make the situation worse. I hope the progesterone continues to help.

    There are also other medications that help relax those muscles and make it easier to urinate --- the ones that immediately come to mind are cardura, hytrin, and flomax so there are other alternatives if the one you're on doesn't help enough.

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      Thanks, I know straining is bad for me but it's sometimes the only way I can get anything out of my bladder. I'll look into those other drugs- thanks again xx