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rheumatoid arthriits and IC and drugs

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  • rheumatoid arthriits and IC and drugs

    I have had RA for over 10 years an dhave taken methotrexate nad enbrel, both have helped the Ra and neither have flared the ic. Lately the enbrel has quit so they started me on remicade. Three days after the first infusions my Ic flared worst that I have ever had it in 10 years. After a week of pain if finally subsided.
    I am suppose to have another in fusion this week and am very nervous as I do not want the flare up each time i have one.
    Has anyone else got RA and if so used Remicade and has it flared up the IC?

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    remicade and IC

    I am on remicade and the last tx caused bladder pain severe. I took my prosed ds and it helped. The rheumatologist said remicade should not cause any bladder issues. I will see what happens next month.


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      Re: remicade and IC

      if anyone has any luck with humira or methotrexate please let me know , i have rheumatoid arthritis and want to know if these drugs can flare my bladder up,please answer someone out there I'm very desperate with both pains now.