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    I gained 20 pounds from elavil. i always maintained my weight,might go up or down a pound. I eat less now then before and activity level is the same. I mentioned it to my dr and he said it is not the elavil...I didnt argue but I know my body. the weight came on one pound a day each day til i gained 20 pounds.


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      Are you still on the medication or something different? I feel like I might stop taking it! I still workout, and watch what I eat but I feel like its still putting some weight on me! ? Its a bummer..


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        I am still taking it as I feel it does help my ic. I am afraid to stop taking it and go back into that cycle of pain. I think it also helps me sleep.My doctor does NOT give out any pain meds so this is my only option from HIM.

        I did lose 15 pounds . How did I do that?? I got a puppy and I am chasing her around all day and night. I also take her for long walks to burn her energy off. She is a chocolate labrador with HIGH ENERGY!! i used to be able to eat like a horse and not gain a pound (was always slim) but since going on all these meds it seems to have slowed down my metabolism. I eat smaller meals now.


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          IC Support Group in Portland

          Originally posted by samanthareiche View Post
          Hello to anyone who might be able to help, or support me?

          My name is Samantha. I just recently have discovered I have IC, and I'm so new to it all! I feel alone because know one understands the pain I'm in! You all seem so strong, and have discovered how to live with it! TEACH ME! PLEASE! I find my issue being the diet. I been wanting juice, but every juice seems to be something I cant have.?
          Hi Samantha, Just wanted to let you know that there is an IC support group that meets here in Portland every other month. Find out more here: I've gotten a lot out of the meetings and often there are guest speakers.

          Current treatments that help:
          5 mg Valium suppositories for pelvic floor
          Pyridium as needed
          TENS unit during flares
          Heating pad
          Hot baths
          IC Diet