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flomax suscess after a break...

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  • flomax suscess after a break...

    well..i was off flomax for a couple of months due to the my high copay..last time i saw my uro for my monthly oxycontin visit he gave me some seems to be working even better than before...

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    How long have you been taking Flomax and what are the side effects?

    I was taking citrical (4 x day) until diagnosed with IC and IBS. My gastro said the calcium caused IBS/constipation to be worse and to stop taking it. I am in a catch 22! I've had a complete Hysto and know I need calcium but HOW if it makes your IBS worse and IBS makes IC pain worse?

    Is Flomax a better choice for calcium?


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      I had excellent success with flomax myself and have now been off of it for about three months after a year and a half on. The only thing I'm taking now is acupuncture herbs 1x/day. I didn't have bad side affects with the flomax other than blacking out once after I'd been on it for about a week.


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        Great news. Flomax did nothing for me. I am so glad to here success stories.


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          Uh Oh - Confused. Sorry to interfere. I thought Flomax was a calcium supplement, then realized I was thinking about Fosomax. What is Flomax? Is it a treatment for IC? Thank, Tilly


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            Flomax is one of the medications that help relax the urethra to make it easier to urinate. It is primarily given to men, but some women with IC have found it also works well for retention problems.

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              Thank you, Donna.


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                I'm on Flomax too, and i believe it worked really well in the begining and now it doesen't seem to work as well. My doc just prescribed a new med for me he said it is like Flomax but better. you need to take it at night though. But i will keep you posted on how it works and possible be able to give you the name of it soon!
                Take care- and good luck!


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                  Hi, they just put my husband on Flomax, the others he was on was making him dizzy and faint feeling, but they also have his blood pressure so low it is 88/52. He has chf and they are trying all sorts of new things on him.
                  Take care and good luck to all.