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New UroGyn, not familiar with my Autoimmune disease

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  • New UroGyn, not familiar with my Autoimmune disease

    Went to new UroGynecologist due to Overactive bladder..
    After having a Cystoscopy I got UTI within 2 days of this.
    She suggested 3 months of weekly Pelvic floor therapy - She thinks this will help my OA. I did one year weekly of Pelvic therapy, and it never helped OA.
    Does Pelvic floor therapy help one stop going to bathroom?
    I can't do this anyway as I have autoimmune disease ME/CFS, and have to restrict myself to one dr/week, errands.
    I tried those patches Oxytrol - for 1st time - and it helped a lot, till my thigh skin got numb after one use.

    She gave me script for Oxybutinal - for OA. Made my urethra spasm worse, dried out my mouth, etc.
    Do UroGYNs know about IC?
    So now I am in more than normal pain in my urethra - taking Uribel or Urrrelle for spasms.
    Any suggestions? Thanks Klassdg

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    I'm not understanding having to restrict errands, etc., due to chronic fatigue syndrome --- is it a part of your treatment? If you have pelvic floor dysfunction, therapy can help with frequency. Are you following an IC diet? If not, I suggest giving it a try.

    And yes, most URO/GYN physicians are familiar with interstitial cystitis. I see a urologist for mine.

    Stay safe

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      I have multiple diseases, and yes with ME, most of us are homebound. I am on another group Phoenix Rising - many of my friends just stay in bed, and can't go to a dr.

      We get PEM or post exertional mailaise, after doing a Dr appt, then errands. Then I have severe ME for the next week - not relevant, it is just that I can't do once a week, because I am quite ill. I think I got so much worse in last 2 years with a major new diagnosis.
      It is a shame that ME/CFS is so misunderstood,

      But I did find my old Neurologic Urologist, and made appt - so very happy. He will help me with my pain.
      I reserve once/week for my Neurologist, Endocrinologist, Cardiologist, Hematologist, and my too often dental appts, and recently major dental surgeries, so my ME is pretty severe.

      The Uro/GYN I went to was not like my old Neurologist/Urologist - who did all my instills, etc. So now I am happy I got back in touch with him, and he is very familiar with my autonomic nervous dysfunction,etc.