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how to find a good urologist

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  • how to find a good urologist

    I have what I felt was a good urologist until the past few visits where my concerns were not addressed. I was looking into possible medication for frequency and we had discussed options along with possible antidepressants that covered both. Of course I can't remember what it was called but I think Celexa was one of them. She is much more of a research practioner now and wants me to go through several evasive procedures to get medication for frequency that and she has just changed and I don't feel I am getting the care I need. I refuse to go through procedures like this not only are they painful but I would rather not put my body through the stress. I am hoping to find someone new and competent in dealing with IC and will be seeing my family doctor in the new year. So far the combination of medication, health diet, and stress reduction has helped me a lot. Caffeine was a big one I don't miss it anymore. I am thinking of and hoping to start reducing one medication at a time and see how I am affected. I am on birth control for endometriosis and I am prone to yeast infections, this is a contributor. Hoping to make some positive changes for myself. Currently dealing with a UTI-which sucks. Just wanted to share

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    Have you had any tests at all to determine the IC diagnosis?


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      It’s important for us to find a urologist that we can trust and be comfortable with. I think I would look for another urologist if your not 100 percent happy.