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Does anyone else take Glucosamine Chondroitin for joint issues?

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  • Does anyone else take Glucosamine Chondroitin for joint issues?

    I have already checked with my doctor and pharmacist and I was told I do not have any sort of conflict with my medications to add this to my list of medications however when I went to get it i found that it now has MSM and Tumeric in it. I was able to find just Glucosamine and just Chondroitin and I bought those for now but does anyone know if the MSM and Tumeric cause further issues with the bladder even if they help the joints?

    I didn't think this question really belonged in any other category so i'm sorry if this question is out of place.

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    I'm looking into taking glucosamine chondroitin but the one I found has, in its proprietary blend, CITRUS BIOFLAVINOID. Anyone know if in very small quantities this would be irritating to the bladder?


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      So, I am not sure if it's just a difficult issue or not but to compare notes with you, I bought Nutricost's Glucosamine Sulfate and it has stearic acid . I wondered if it possibly could be an issue too but my hands were starting to hurt so badly. I also got Now brand Chondroitin sulfate. I was reading what the bottle said that it's supposed to help retain water within the joints which sounds helpful to the overall situation too.

      My concern is also that none of these things are evaluated by the FDA, but it's fairly accepted these do help with joint issues. The problem is that any of the companies can put anything in the capsules and not put what they said was in it. Both of these capsules are very light in color. One of them is just a bit off white so it's very hard to tell them apart. I think that is a good sign.

      Something I did before was I tried asking the pharmacist I use to let me know what manufacturers were reputable. Unfortunately at the time it turned out to be a problem because the product I was asking about was not made by the manufacturer she was recommending but a similar product was. So I don't know if really anyone can know what is helpful both because it does what it says it will and whether the ingredients can be irritating to the bladder. But it seemed helpful to me to go with the single medication in separate capsules. I got mine on Amazon so far and I've reordered the Chondroitin because I ran out. It comes in a smaller bottle.


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        If you try it, please let us know how it goes.

        Stay safe

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