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14 years without symptoms!

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  • 14 years without symptoms!

    Hi Everyone, Its been many years since I have been here. But I thought about writing in and sharing a ray of hope. I was diagnosed with IC at the age of 42 after a ovarian cyst burst and the pain in my bladder started. I had many nights days and months in pain, in tears and feeling hopeless. Frequent trips to the bathroom, pain with intercourse *could no longer have sex, pain driving sitting walking. Tried Elmiron and histamines, low acid diet etc. This website and forum was a lifesaver for me during those times. All of the tips and resources really helped.
    And then , one day, it lessened a little, and then a little more and I could sleep through most of the night with may be one or two trips to the restroom. I began to start adding things in like low acid coffee and dare I say it ? Ice tea with lemon. I still have to do all things in moderation, but I am for the most part in full remission. I don't even mind seeing my OBGYN any more! This is a real disease and it can be embarrassing and painful. My heart goes out to all of you! Just know there is hope and there are people like me that get better. Dont give up. Find what works for you. Dont let the Doctors medically hex you by saying it won't get better. The body is an amazing thing and healing can happen. MindBody and spirituality medicine was very helpful in my recovery. Love yourself and do extreme self care. (Hugs)!

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    Thank you and thanks for sharing your ray of hope!!! So glad you have been well all these years! Do you take any medicines/ supplements? Congrats!


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      That is great. Just remember to stay cautious.

      Stay safe

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        Hi Melinda, Yes, I take turmeric, b complex, fish oil ginger vitamin D. Acupuncture was /is helpful. I still get little reminders on occasion telling me to back off something and I listen.
        Trust me, there were days of Pears Cottage Cheese and Water! Taking antacids also helps me if I am eating something acidic. Everyone's journey is different. Trust your intuition This website is a great resource.


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          My ic started in 2014 after having the Mohs procedure to remove cancer from my forehead. They believe I was allergic to the epinephrine. This year my body seems to be allergic to everything. I get headaches and lots of burning. My blood pressure will go up. They initially put me on b.p. meds and even a small amount would send my b.p. soaring higher. Even a baby aspirin raises my b.p. My diet is very limited. Every once in awhile I'll get a day that makes me believe I'm free of ic, but it doesn't last. Does anyone have any suggestions?